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UI WebGUI and Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

Internet Transaction Server (ITS) Types

A Comparison of the Standalone and Integrated ITS Versions

The Internet Transaction Server was first only available as standalone engine. With SAP NW 04 (SAP Web AS 6.40), ITS has been integrated into the SAP NetWeaver component as an Internet Communication Framework (ICF) service, which you can access, like other services, through the Internet Communication Manager (ICM). With the ITS integrated in the SAP Web Application Server, the web browser communicates directly with the SAP system. Furthermore, all ITS-related sources, such as service files, HTML templates, or MIME files, are stored in the database of the SAP system.

The only currently supported standalone ITS version is ITS 6.20. SAP ITS 6.20 can be used to connect to SAP systems of various releases, but note that SAP ITS 6.20 is not released to connect to SAP systems based on SAP NW 7.0 (2004s) or higher. For this purpose, the SAP integrated ITS has to be used. SAP ITS 6.20 will  be long-term supported for SAP products based on SAP NW 2004 and below as long as these products are supported. Only the support on Windows platforms is restricted as per SAP note 959781 (to follow this link SAP Service Marketplace Login is required).

The integrated ITS is available as of SAP NW 04. The following picture explains the ITS timeline:

ITS Timeline

As you can see in the picture above, the timeline for the standalone ITS ends with SAP NW '04 and at the same time the timeline of the SAP integrated ITS starts. Therefore, for SAP NW '04 both ITS types are available. However, it is recommended to use the integrated ITS for the advantages stated below.

Advantages of the Integrated ITS Version

With the integrated ITS life has become easier since it offers the following benefits:

  • Runs on all SAP Web AS platforms
  • Running on one machine with the SAP Web AS kernel, the integrated ITS reduces the number of servers and decreases TCO
  • Highly reduced memory and CPU consumption
  • Better stability due to session isolation; in case of a server crash with ITS 6.20 all users lose their session, with the integrated ITS only one session is affected
  • Simplified system landscape - with no separate A-gate and Web server
  • Simplified administration which can be done by SAP Basis administrators
  • Common load belancing
  • Maintenance and support strategy is the same as the overall NW strategy

Note that the integrated ITS does not support Flow Logic and WebRFC. Thus, since the ITS 6.20 standalone cannot be used for systems as of SAP NW 04s  (7.0), the ITS services based on Flow Logic and WebRFC are no longer supported with SAP NW 04s (7.0). In the online documentation, you find information on how to migrate Flow Logic services to IAC services which can run in the integrated ITS and Note 979467 (SMP login required) describes how to use the WebRFC service delivered with SAP NetWeaver 04s (7.0).

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