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SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Enterprise Portal: Partner Information


On this page you get an overview on partner offerings, interoperability with Microsoft and IBM and other interesting sources for partner information.

Complementary Offerings by Special Expertise Partners

There are some Special Expertise Partners that provide complementary offerings for SAP Enterprise Portal:

VANTAiO (formerly known as btexx)

btexx was renamed to VANTAiO in 2015. See also the Portal offering of VANTAiO:


HO2 digital services

Every company can become a digital business today. Here, the SAP Portal plays a central function in connecting areas, such as products and services,

employees, information flow, customer network and to provide digital services through a single access point adding unique value. Access to on-premise and cloud-based solutions can be managed as well as mobile SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 Services.

Intranet consulting and services

Based on the SAP portal management and content management system "HO2 SmartCMS" we offer ready-made digital jobs. We connect the user, integrate business applications and provide current, device independent and broad access on desktops, tablets and smartphones. That makes it possible to control business processes anywhere and anytime.

Mobile Apps and Portals

By means of the SAP Portal based solution - HO2 SmartCMS and the SAP Portal default mechanisms, it is possible to provide "out of the box" mobile enterprise portals. Empowered users can e.g. flexibly access the HO2 SmartCMS on SAP Fiori apps  and make them available to the end-user, based on their permissions. You can specify on which kind of device the navigation points, as well as specific iViews are displayed. The SAP Portal is thus the central mobile workplace and an important instrument in the digitization strategy of the company.

Interoperability with Microsoft and IBM


Interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies is a very important topic in many companies.


Other Partner Information Sources

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