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Adaptive Computing Concept

Make Your System Landscape More Flexible

A system landscape usually consists of a number of SAP systems of different types, different usage, und with different  loads - in a hardware park that itself consists of servers of different sizes with different capacities. Conservative designs of a system and landscape architecture are still very static. Once a solution has been in stalled at a customer site and production operation has stated, an IT landscape of this type is usually only significantly modified during structural changes such as upgrade, enhancements, or migrations. Constant adjustment to the continuously changing requirements - for example, with regard to performance - can only be implemented to a limited extent with these resources. This situation is therefore suitable for a modernization that brings flexibility, uses rexources optimally, contributes to landscape consolidation, makes operation easier, and consequently reduces costs.

The objective of Adaptive Computing is to operate any service - any time - on any server.

Getting Started with Adaptive Computing

The Adaptive Computing Concept starts SAP Systems at the instance level, an instance is the smallest currently installable unit of an SAP system (this also fits for the database).

With Adaptive Computing, it is now possible to move an instance from one host to another in a few minutes. The aim of Adaptive Computing is to replace the previously inflexible link between hardware and SAP system with the concept of a central storage medium and resource sharing. Resource sharing is enabled by organizing the system landscape into Building Blocks, which allows the system landscape to react extremely flexibly to current demands. All servers, whether physical or virtual, are designated as resources, which in turn can be logically grouped and separated into pools. All resources within a pool are linked with each other by their own network.

Adaptive Computing - Functions and Details 
Adaptive Computing Controller is a tool that provides a single point of control and allows customers to operate, observe, and manage their adaptive computing landscape. One of the main concepts is to enable an operator to manage a SAP landscape without deep technical knowledge of the underlying IT infrastructure.

FAQ - Adaptive Computing Controller 
This document provides an overview on the Adaptive Computing concept and offers frequently asked questions to the Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC) in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 and the Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 including Enhancement Package 1 (EHP1).

Demo of Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP 
This demo gives an overview on the operation of all functionalities of the SAP Adaptive Computing Controller.

Live Expert Session - Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 - Features and Functions   (WRF - WebEx Player Required)
This Expert Session recorded March 12, 2008, outlines how adaptive computing, which is a capability in SAP NetWeaver, optimizes the operation of SAP systems in the datacenter. You will also see how this adaptive computing supports the business-driven need for change and adaptability, and includes technologies that enable dynamic, on-demand resource allocation. This presentation emphasizes the features of adaptive computing, technical details of the implementation, and preparations in the landscape. Another part of the presentation will highlight operation and integration concepts in the datacenter with adaptive computing and an outlook into the future of adaptive computing. (Download the WebEx Player.)

Live Expert Session - Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 - Ramp-Up Experiences   (WRF - WebEx Player Required)
This Expert Session recorded March 27, 2008, outlines first Ramp-Up experiences with implementing the Adaptive Computing Controller 7.1 and the Adaptive Computing Landscape. Four experienced consultants shared the lessons leared during Ramp-Up projects. (Download the WebEx Player.)

More on the Adaptive Computing Concept

Adaptive Computing – Implementation and Operation   (SAP PRESS book)
This SAP PRESS book outlines the concepts of Adaptive Computing and describes the architecture and configuration of the SAP Adaptive Computing Controller, as well as its integration into the Adaptive Computing Landscape. Author Gunther Schmalzhaf provides you with concrete application examples for various types of landscapes and, with numerous screen captures and step-by-step instructions, leads you through an exemplary configuration (SAP system, ACC, and SAP Solution Manager), making it easy for you to identify and profit from untapped potentials for cost reduction.

Author Gunther Schmalzhaf has worked for SAP AG in the area of Adaptive Computing since 2003. As a product manager, he focuses on the technical implementation and strategic development of Adaptive Computing and Virtualization concepts.

Resource Management in SOA Environments with Adaptive Computing Virtualization  
Combining SOA management with Adaptive Computing virtualization technology optimizes the management of large SOA Landscapes. This article outlines benefits and demonstrates a showcase how the management of SAP systems using SOA architectures can be optimized.

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