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SAP BW Developers SDN Blog Series Accompanying the BW 7.3 Ramp-Up Phase

As an additional knowledge transfer initiative SAP BW developers volunteered to shortly introduce their latest enhancements to the product in short but nevertheless exciting SDN blogs. Benefit from this engagement and enjoy the numerous blogs that will be published until end of the year in a casually sequence aligning the Ramp-Up start of the SAP BW 7.3 release.

The following list shows an overview which topics will be covered and have been published so far. Take this material as complement to the SAP NW BW 7.3 Feature List from BW Product Management.

In addition RKT (Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer) Learning Maps and Live Expert Sessions (LES) will bring even more detailed information about the new release to your hands.   

Enhanced Scalability & Performance for Faster Decision Making

Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) Conform Data Models
BW 7.30: Semantically Partitioned Objects - SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 introduces the concept of semantic partitioning. The article explains how you can use semantically partitioned DataStores or InfoCubes to  efficiently manage large data volumes and reduce the TCD/TCO. 

SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30: Semantically Partitioned Objects (SPOs) built from BAdI – Consistent, Rule Based Modeling of Logical Partitions -       
The SPO Wizard is a powerful feature modeling logically partitioned InfoCubes and DSOs. With complex and volatile partitioning conditions you should consider using the BAdI  RSLPO_BADI_PARTITIONING and define the partition criteria and rules centrally. This Blog shows the basics about defining and maintaining SPOs from BAdI.

Optimized Load Performance

Performance Improvements for DataStore Objects -  In SAP BW7.3, several measures have been taken to improve the performance of operations on DataStore Objects, such as request activation.  This article describes the most important improvements and the settings the user can change in order to make use of them.

SAP BW 7.30 : Performance Improvements in Master-Data related scenarios and DTP Processing. This blog will explain the performance features related to data loads in SAP BW 7.3, focusing mainly on Master Data Loads and DTP Processing.

Real-Time Data Acquisition (RDA)  
BW 7.3: Troubleshooting Real-Time Data Acquisition -  This blog takes you on a trip to troubleshooting real-time data acquisiton (RDA) in BW 7.3

BWA in BW 7.3
What's new with SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator with BW 7.3 -New BWA Features in BW7.3 This document describes the changes and new functions in BW7.3 with BWA7.20 compared to BW7.0 and BWA7.00.  It provides the technical and experienced reader with a clear overview of the new functions and also gives tips and recommendations on using the functions in the user's daily work. 


Increased Flexibility by Further Integration of SAP BusinessObjects EIM Tools

Tighter Integration with SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
BW 7.30: Modeling integration between SAP Business Objects Data Services and BW | Part 1 of 2 – Connect Source System
BW 7.30: Modeling integration between SAP Business Objects Data Services and BW | Part 2 of 2 - Create DataSource

With SAP Business Objects Data Services, there are around 22 different adapters to external systems available. However using them in BW was a quite clumsy task, especially if you are a BW modeler and not so much of a Data Services crack.
With BW 7.30 and Data Services XI 4.0 there is now a modeling integration, where you do not need to leave BW Data Warehousing Workbench at all in order to connect to any of these external systems and get the data out!


Reduced TCO and Higher Development Efficiency

NLS Based Data Aging Strategy
SAP BW 730: What's New in the SAP BW Near-Line Storage Solution SAP NetWeaver BW customers have to handle large increasing data volumes. Keeping the system running efficiently and at low operation costs is a permanent challenge. Therefore BW offers a Near-Line Storage (NLS) interface that enables customers to separate frequently accessed data from older, less frequently accessed data.

Easy & Intuitive Data Flow Modeling reducing Manual Effort

BW 7.30: Graphical Data Flow Modeling -  The new graphical data flow model is a new concept for modeling your BW objects. This blog describes how the new graphical modeling supports a top-down modeling approach for BW data flows. The dataflow functionality will help you to organize your BW Projects. This is also possible for existing BW objects modeled using BW 7.0.

BW 7.30: Simple modeling of simple data flows -  The BW 7.30 DataFlow Generation Wizard helps to automate most of the modeling steps during a simple data load scenario by generating the necessary modeling objects such as InfoProvider, DataSource, Transfomation, DTP, InfoPackage etc.

BW 7.30: Data Flow Copy Wizard -  The BW 7.30 Data Flow Copy Wizard offers to copy existing data flows and allows to change targets, sources, or DataSources during the copy process. 

Hierarchies Integrated into SAP NetWeaver BW 7.x Data Flow
The new SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 hierarchy framework -  Up to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0x hierarchies could only be loaded through 3.x data flow. This - and a bit more - has been changed with SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 which is covered in this blog.   

Efficient Development Tools  
BW 7.30: New MDX test environment -  SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 introduces a new test transaction for creating, running and analyzing MDX statements.  The following article explains how you can use the test environment to efficiently use the query language MDX. 


Simplified Configuration and Operations

Customizing and user management
BW 7.30: Mass Maintenance for Analysis Authorizations -  The Mass Maintenance is a tool for working with a lot of authorizations to the same time.  It is possible to change, delete and activate or deactivate several authorizations to the same time.  Furthermore it is possible to see and change the authorizations assigned to the users.

Operations and Configuration Aspects
BW 7.30: Simple supervision of process chains -  With release 7.3 BW development has enhanced the functionality of the Process Monitoring transaction (RSPCM).  It's much easier now to see the recent status of Process Chains in a supervision with regards to timely execution. 

BW 7.30: Define Delta in BW and no more Init-InfoPackages -  You might know and appreciate the capabilities to generically define delta when building a DataSource in SAP source systems.  In a similar way delta handling is now supported for other source types, such as DB Connect, UD Connect or File., as well. 

BW 7.30: Transport support in BW landscapes -In BW 7.3 the releasing of the task or transport request will start a check of the BW objects contained on the task or request in the manner of a ‘Before Export Check'. The InfoPackage Split feature counts InfoPackages also as 7.x objects in V_RSLOGSYSMAP and allows to distribute them to several source systems in the BW target system. Dummy Source Systems enable you to develop different flavors of source system dependent objects with only one development source system.


Integrated Planning

Enhanced Planning Functions

BW 7.30: Data Validations and Performance Improvements for Planning Applications -  Shows a Very new way, how to validate new entered data and how to improve performance for planning functions.

BW 7.30: The New Planning Modeler -  The revised edition of the central tool for customizing of Planning Applications within SAP BW Integrated Planning comes with an improved integration into the modeling of SAP BW and with all known features from the former Planning Modeler. Get to know the new Planning Modeler for BI Integrated Planning!

BW730: Input ready formulas in BW Integrated Planning -  The following article explains how to model and use input ready formulas in BW Integrated Planning. 


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