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Product Availability Matrix - PAMs

The Product Availability Matrix (PAM) bundles technical and release planning information on SAP product versions for quick reference. You will find information on the availability of SAP product versions, maintenance end dates and upgrade paths, as well as technical release information (DB-platforms, JSE-platforms, operating systems etc.). A SAP product version is structured into instances. An instance is a bundle of technically dependent software component versions to be installed on one single logical system. The technical release information is displayed per instance.

Example: The product version SAP NetWeaver 7.0 is structured into the instances 'Application Server ABAP', 'Application Server Java', 'Enterprise Portal', 'Frontend' etc. The 'Application Server ABAP' itself consists mainly of the software component versions SAP BW 7.00, SAP ABA 7.00, SAP BASIS 7.00 and SAP Kernel 7.00 32-BIT (or a newer downward compatible one).

Please take note of the following:

  • Not all data is visible on SDN, for more detailed information which is available on the Service Market Place, SMP login is required
  • Comments contain important information and have to be read and taken into account in all cases.
  • You should also read the release restrictions note for an SAP product release, because it supplements the information given here.
  • Dates published here are planning dates and are subject to change.
  • Platform versions: If you do not find information on a platform version, for example, this does not necessarily mean that the release is not and will never be released for the specific version. It may simply be the case that confirmation for the release information is pending. In such cases, you should contact your sales representative for more information.
  • Country availability: If a product is released for a given country, it comprises functions designed for laws and business practices particular to that country. For more information, refer here
  • Language availability: If a product is available in a given language, it is translated into this language, and data input and output is supported. Be aware that if a language is not released, in most cases data input and output is not supported. Note that it might not be released for all countries in which the language is spoken. For more information, refer here

Please click here for detailed PAMs on the Service Market Place (SMP Login Required)

Platform Availability - Databases and Operating Systems Supported for SAP NetWeaver

Detailed PAM
Click here for a high level version of the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM ) , which shows the OS and DB environments supported for SAP NetWeaver

Examples of Planning PAMs

To give our customers an idea of information that can be obtained from our PPT PAMs, we have listed several recent PPT PAMs for upcoming releases. These PAMs, however will give you a brief idea of the roadmap ahead, for the detailed PPT PAMs click here

SAP NetWeaver 2004 ( SMP Login Needed)

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ( SMP Login Needed )

SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 ( SMP Login Needed)


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