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SAP MDM Business Content

Predefined Business Content Reduces the Implementation Effort

Figuring out the best data model to manage a company's master data can be cumbersome: continuous discussions and redesigns cost worthy time and effort. And then, once you are through with it, you'll probably spend even more time integrating the model into your IT landscape.

In such a context, predefined business content for SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management provides a competitive edge by facilitating the integration with:

  • SAP Business Suite applications for optimized ETL processes and quick adoption of the data models used in the landscape
  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration to quickly activate the data exchange middleware
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal to run MDM effectively in a thin-client environment

Getting Started With MDM Business Content

SAP NetWeaver MDM Business Content - What’s In It For You?                  
Overview of the predefined business content for SAP NetWeaver MDM, including current development planning.

MDM Business Content in Action (Demo | Time 10:55)
SAP NetWeaver MDM demo recording showing transfer of master data for consolidation from SAP CRM via SAP NetWeaver PI to SAP NetWeaver MDM using predefined MDM Business Content. Read the demo script first.

Multi-Domain Coverage

MDM business content for specific data domains can be used to consolidate and harmonize the records of corresponding object types within an SAP Business Suite application landscape.

Object Type


Domain-specific Content


SAP Note 1252846

Business Partner*

SAP Note 1035773


SAP Note 1255401

Material** (reflecting data modelling concepts as of MDM 7.1)

SAP Note 1355137


SAP Note 1252883

Vendor** (reflecting data modelling concepts as of MDM 7.1)

SAP Note 1318478


SAP Note 1252884

Customer** (reflecting data modelling concepts as of MDM 7.1)

SAP Note 1412742


SAP Note 1268212

*) For consolidation and harmonization scenarios in SAP CRM, ERP and SRM landscapes

**) For consolidation and harmonization scenarios in SAP ERP landscapes

More on MDM Business Content

MDM Quick Starter Packages 
In addition to SAP NetWeaver MDM Business Content you can also use MDM quick starter packages to gain immediate benefit from accelerated MDM implementations. Learn more about the nature of these quick starters, and find out what the MDM Quick Starter: Collaborative Master Data Creation Processes and MDM Quick Starter: Aggregate Physician Spend packages have in it for you.

Note: As of SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 Support Package 5 the Collaborative Material Master Data Creation content package has been incorporated into the delivery and is also available for download in the SAP Software Download and Distribution center. This package provides the relevant content for a collaborative creation process for material master data based on SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP NetWeaver BPM running on SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 (whereas the quick starter specified above is based on SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1.1).

MDM Wiki 
SAP MDM Wiki space informing about MDM Business Content.

Tips and Tricks for Distribution of Business Partner, Customer or Vendor Data (SAP Note)
Tips and tricks regarding the distribution of business partner, customer, and vendor records to SAP ERP.

Portal Content for MDM (SAP Documentation)
Information on enabling SAP NetWeaver Portal for MDM using templates for portal content development or predefined business packages.

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