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SAP Business Process Management

Business Communication Services (BCS) and SAPconnect

The Business Communication Services (BCS) offer functions for SAP applications to send or receive e-mails, faxes or SMS messages. On the one hand, BCS uses SAPconnect to exchange messages with e-mail servers using the SMTP protocol. On the other hand, the BCS offer ABAP programming interfaces which can be used by applications to send or receive messages. You find more information under the following links:


SMTP Configuration Guide (SAP Online Help)

In the SMTP configuration guide, you find information on how to configure the sending and receiving of e-mails in an SAP System.

Business Communication Services (SAP Online Help)

This link leads you to the SAP online help of BCS. This component provides SAP application developers with a simple way of integrating internal and external sending into their applications. Business Communication Services (BCS) are used not only for controlling sending and receipt, but also for extensive status handling and for making all the send information on an application object available.


You find the Frequently Asked questions on BCS and SAPconnect under the following link.

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