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Adaptive Computing

Managing Virtualized SAP System Landscapes

Adaptive Computing (AC) offers an approach for the dynamic assignment of hardware resources. In an Adaptive Computing Infrastructure, you can, for example, very quickly move a system for which a server is no longer providing the required performance to a more powerful server. Dialog Instances can be flexibly started on free servers to absorb spikes in workload. Another situation in the computer center could be development and training systems that are stopped at night to support the background operation of productive systems with their free servers. These entire processes can be performed without needing to make any configuration changes. 

ACC 7.3 has been in mass shipment since December 6, 2010   (SP02 available since Dec 17) 

New ACC 7.3 features include:

  • Fine-granular access control 
  • Manageability of any SAP and non-SAP applications 
  • Extensibility provided by a custom operations framework 
  • Provisioning of additional SAP Application Server instances on demand 
  • Enhanced activity export and reporting options 
  • Management of SAP Systems with identical SIDs 
  • Configurable e-mail notification options for status change alerting

Note that Support Package 3 of ACC 7.3 is available since April 10, 2011 in the Software Download Center at ->Support packages and patches ->Browse our download catalog -> SAP Netweaver and complementary products ->SAP Netweaver ACC ->SAP Netweaver ACC 7.3 

To get an overview, have a look at this overview presentation and these on-demand replays of SAP Virtualization and Cloud Week..

For details on the new feaures, see the following SAP Notes:

  • 1462332 - ACC 7.3 Collective Note 
  • 1396981 - Custom Services Configuration 
  • 1465491 - Provider Implementation Definition (for custom operations)

  Remote or on-site consulting services are available on request. For details, please enquire at

ACC 7.2 is now generally available!   

In this blog, Dieter Krieger of SAP Product Management announces that ramp-up of SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller 7.2 is complete as of 17 May, 2010.

Note that brand new features are now generally available to all SAP customers, including support for Hypervisor implementations of SAP Partners. Get an overview of features in this recording.

Note that SP03 is available since 17 December 2010. 

Getting Started

Our mission is to ensure that SAP solutions can run on an adaptive computing infrastructure using SAP NetWeaver. This is done by virtualizing the hardware resources and their dynamic assignment to serve specific application services, reduce complexity and optimize operational concepts to run at peak cost efficiency.

Solution Brief – Adaptive Computing Controller   

The solution brief provides an overview of the Adaptive Computing concept, explains use cases, business benefits as well as landscape related questions mainly focused on Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1.

Key Benefits and Customer References   

This short overview outlines the main benefits of using adaptive computing virtualization. Customer reference slides are also included.

Adaptive Computing Short Overview   

This presentation provides a short overview of the adaptive computing concept.  Most current features are outlined.  You will see how adaptive computing supports the business-driven need for change and adaptability, and includes technologies that enable dynamic, on-demand resource allocation.

FAQ - Adaptive Computing Controller   

This document provides an overview on the Adaptive Computing concept and answers frequently asked questions about the Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 and SAP NW 7.1 Enhancement Package 1 (EhP1).

Read more about the Adaptive Computing Concept.

Adaptive Computing Controller Availability

The Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC) is available in various releases:

  • Some customers are still on ACC 1.0. 
  • Many customers are using ACC 7.1, which went into unrestricted shipment on July 28, 2008. 
    Enhancement Package 1, also known as 7.11, has been generally avaible since July 2009. 
  • ACC 7.2 became generally available on May 17, 2010.
    A large number of customers has downloaded it since that date. 
  • ACC 7.3 will be out of ramp-up on December 6, 2010.
    Some customers are already using it in a productive environment.

Compliance Tests

The aim of the Adaptive Computing Compliance Tests is to prove that the functionality of application services virtualization works using the specified components of SAP technology partners.

Adaptive Computing Controller Command Interface (CCI)

Adaptive Computing   

Learn about certification with respect to SAP's Adaptive Computing capability.

Adaptive Computing Controller Downloads

Adaptive Computing Controller - Release-Specific Downloads   

Click this link for release-specific downloads related to Adaptive Computing Controller, such as agent files and partner libraries.

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