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IBM Db2 for i

SAP on IBM DB2 for i: Selected Support Resources

On this page you will find several resources selected by support specialists for SAP on DB2 for i.


Make sure you take notice of the relevant Informational APAR for your machines. You will find them on IBM's SAP on IBM i website. IBM offers a service that you will be notified if the informational APAR changes. You can subscribe to that service online.

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Selected SAP Notes

Here you will find a selection of SAP Notes that might be of some interest for you as an administrator for SAP on DB2 for i. As SAP Notes are part of the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) you will need an SMP account to follow the links in this table.

SAP Note NumberTitleDescription
49365iSeries: Importing a patch
49701iSeries: Info and recommendations for kernel libraries
60252iSeries: TCP/IP host name configured incorrectly
68440AS/400:How do I upgrade to a higher OS/400 Release?Explains which kernels are certified for OS releases
82079iSeries: Automatic saving and deleting of Journal Receivers
84081Reorganization of database tables (RGZPFM)
83992Releases and PTFs for R/3 on AS/400Lists the Info-Apars for OS releases
139326AS/400: Memory Management in Release 4.6x
202593iSeries: online backup with SAVR3SYS
307077iSeries: Performance optimization for BW systems
392165iSeries: Known problems under V5R1M0/V5R2M0
428855OS/400 system values
517515iSeries: When to use ASP balancing
501572iSeries: EVI stage 2 support
541508iSeries: Checking the system parameters for BW
693802iSeries: IBM AFP PrintSuite end of support
717376iSeries: Recommended (VM) Settings for SAP WebAS Java
743113iSeries: Known Issues with V5R3M0
751132iSeries: How to apply a 640 Kernel
751131iSeries: How to apply a 640 Kernel Patch
808607iSeries: Memory management as of the 6.40 kernel
825473iSeries: Online backup from V5R3M0 onward
826305iSeries: Executing RCLSTG in the background as of V5R3M0
834218iSeries: Operating system users for SAP on iSeries
853564iSeries: Known Issues with V5R4M0
912575iSeries: Using LODSAPKRN to load a 7.00 kernel


iSeries: Known Issues with V6R1M0

Codepage Conversion

If you are preparing a codepage conversion see the following SAP Notes

SAP Note Number   



Codepage Conversion EBCDIC -> ASCII


Codepage Conversion EBCDIC -> ASCII (Troubleshooting)


Codepage Conversion EBCDIC -> ASCII (Non Latin-1)


Coderpage Conversion ASCII -> Unicode

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