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SAP on Linux News Archive

SUSE Linux Enterprise Sever for SAP Applications 12 SP1 available  26 Feb 2015

SUSE recently released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 SP1. Please read on, if you want to learn more about features and news.

Oracle Linux 7 certified by SAP  (SMP credentials required)  25 Feb 2015

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and all SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x are now released and supported on Oracle Linux 7.

You can run on bare metal Oracle Linux or in a virtualized Oracle VM environment. Please refer to SAP Note 2069760 for more details about the latest Oracle Linux release.

SAP Business Applications Now Available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7  (SMP credentials required)  26 Jan 2015

Starting as of today you can run your mission-critical SAP applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. SAP customers who want to run SAP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux are suggested to additionally buy the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications" subscription which includes integrated support and all the features you need to deploy RHEL for your SAP environment. Have a look inside to learn more.

Automate SAP HANA System Replication with SLES for SAP Applications  04 Jul 2014
Please read on, if you want to learn more about how to automate the switch-over of SAP HANA systems in system replication scenarios.

SAP HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.5   03 Jun 2014

SAP and Red Hat today announced support for SAP HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Please read the Red Hat FAQ and press release for more details about the new offering.

For installation instructions and recommended settings, please consult SAP notes "2009879 - SAP HANA Guidelines for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Operating System" and "2013638 - SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS settings for RHEL 6.5" (SMP credentials required).

OpenSSL and SAP   15 Apr 2014

Recent discovery with the OpenSSL cryptographic software library exposed a bug which compromises the secret keys used.
Please read our SAP hot news.

Additional information regarding the supported distributions please read SAP note 2005955 (SMP credentials required).

Linux classroom training in Walldorf   09 Aug 2013

Starting in October SAP offers a classroom training for Linux. A large part of the course covers making SAP highly available using the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension. The target audience are system administrators that install, configure and maintain SAP installations.

Desupport of SAP Kernels 46D_EXT and 640 as of 1st July 2014 (SMP credentials required)   12 Jul 2013

If you still run SAP products with SAP Kernel 46D_EXT or 640, please update to SAP Kernel 46D_EX2 or 640_EX2 in the meantime.  Please keep in mind that the EX2-Kernels require RHEL 5 or SLES 10 as the minimum operating system version. For more information please consult SAP note 1879168.

Certification Program  for HA-Partners is in place

Most  of the Linux HA vendors passed the new HA certification program. Have a look inside (more details about HA certification please have a look).

New SAP SD benchmark

Examine recent results of the latest SAP Linux benchmark on Sybase ASE to gain low cost of ownership and high level of performance. Have a look inside to learn more (please see

VMware vSphere 5.0 is now available (External Link)  

Since August 25th, VMware vSphere 5.0 is available and fully supported by SAP. See also the first SAP SD-Benchmark results on the new vSphere 5 platform discussed at the VMware Communities page. Have a look inside to learn more.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for SAP now released (SMP credentials required)  

You can now run your mission-critical SAP applications on the latest enterprise-ready Linux platform from Red Hat - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for SAP is optimized for all your mission critical SAP solutions with integrated support and built in virtualization technology - KVM. Have a look inside to learn more.

Sybase IQ TPC-H Benchmark with Red Hat Enterprise LINUX on HP Proliant Systems  

Examine recent results of TPC-H performance for Sybase IQ on an HP ProLiant System running Red Hat Enterprise Linux to gain low cost of ownership and high level of performance. Have a look inside to learn more.

High Availability for SAP® NetWeaver® in VMware vSphere 4 Environments (External Link)  

The referenced Whitepapers discusses how to use the VMware vSphere 4 Platform and the SUSE High Availability Extension to increase the availability of SAP NetWeaver. Several examples outline possibilities how to create a highly available foundation for SAP NetWeaver. Have a look inside to learn more.

SAP Solutions Running on Red Hat Enterprise Server 6 KVM   23. May 2011

This paper gives you a detailed technical overview of the benefits when running SAP® Solutions on Red Hat Enterprise Server 6 Kernel-Based Virtual Machine and Intel® E7-x800 Processor Series. Have a look inside to learn more.

Red Hat, In Cooperation With SAP, Provides Enhanced Value for Enterprise Customers   23. May 2011

Red Hat today announced an enhanced customer experience for global users of solutions from Red Hat and SAP, to be achieved through integration of the SAP® Solution Manager application management solution and Red Hat Global Support Services support ticketing system. Have a look inside to learn more.

The DB2 pureScale Feature on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server   23. May 2011

Today's rapidly changing business generates increasing demands for flexibility and continuous availability of business applications. This article describes why a solution stack that includes IBM System x servers, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server optimized for SAP applications, the IBM DB2 pureScale Feature, and SAP applications provides an excellent response to these demands. Have a look inside to learn more.

SAP and Amazon Web Services Partnership   18. May 2011

Amazon Web Services is now a certified SAP global technology partner, a status that places AWS among SAP's most important innovation partners. Amazon and SAP will collaborate to offer customers options and convenience when deploying and supporting SAP solutions in the cloud. The first wave of supported SAP products, available today, includes the entire suite of SAP BusinessObjects solutions and SAP Rapid Deployment solutions supported on Linux Platforms. Have a look inside to learn more.

ATIX IT Solution Day "Choose the right Linux"   18. May 2011

The team of experts from ATIX gives you an overview on the different Linux enterprise distributions from Red Hat and SUSE. Furthermore, enterprise businesses like SPAR or public bodies like the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich are going to provide exciting insights in their Linux enterprise infrastructures. The event will be held in German.

SLES for SAP Applications 11 SP1 released   16. February 2011

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications is a platform validated and optimized for SAP workloads, such as SAP Business All-in-One and SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search.

SAP on VMware - New results for vSphere 4.1 beta on Intel X7560   06. July 2010

See how SAP memory throughput will scale on vSphere 4.1 on the Intel X7560 CPU (Nehalem EX). Additionally, two new configuration recommendations for Virtual Machines have been tested and analyzed.

Overview of Support Statements for Virtualized SAP Enviroments on Linux x86_64   17. March 2010

The openness of the Linux platform enables all kind of entities to take part in the evolution of it. The vast amount of key IT components like databases or virtualization technologies introduce complexity in the stack. This blog tries to clear up the view on the various support statements for virtualized environments for Linux x86_64.

Virtualizing Resource-Intensive Applications: An Enterprise Case Study With Intel, SAP and VMware   10. February 2010

At the request of a major enterprise customer, Intel, SAP, and VMware jointly conducted proof-of-concept (PoC) testing of virtualized SAP applications at SAP Co-Innovation Lab. The test configuration and workload closely modeled the customer's existing IT environment.

Don't Fly Blindly into Your Virtualization Project   13. January 2010

Virtualization is here to stay - are you prepared? This article details two fundamentally different approaches to virtualization: the proprietary approach and the multi-vendor approach. Find out which is right for your company and what you need to do to make your virtualization implementation a success.

Best Practices for Migrating SAP Applications from UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux   14. October 2009

In the increasingly competitive global landscape, businesses are seeking ways to improve operational efficiencies, reduce the total cost of ownership and improve the return on their IT investments. Jointly presented by REALTECH consulting and Red Hat, this webcast will highlight the top considerations for customers looking to migrate their SAP applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Have a look inside to learn more.

IBM JVM 1.4.2 64-bit in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Environments   12. October 2009

A new whitepaper has been published by IBM dealing with the usage of IBM's JVM 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver Application Server Environments. The paper was jointly written by SAP and IBM. Its content is based on experiences from development and customer support, typical issues and their solutions, tuning options and tool usage. Have a look inside to learn more.

The Trend from Unix to Linux   07. September 2009

Linux has arrived in large SAP data centers, and the SAP customer base shows significant momentum in migrating from UNIX to Linux. To explain this development, this white paper will provide information about which customers are migrating from UNIX to Linux, in terms of size and industrial sector, and why they are migrating. Have a look inside to learn more.

Released hardware for SAP Business All-In-One Fast-Start   07. September 2009

With our innovative fast-start program, you can improve software acquisition, shorten implementation time, and reduce solution total cost of ownership (TCO). The fast-start program provides you with a preconfigured, pretested software stack. Have a look inside to learn more.

Make the Most of Virtualization   02. May 2009

This edition of SAP Insider provides insights on SAP and Virtualization in general. It does not only cover Linux virtualization technologies but also general concepts and hardware platforms as well. Have a look inside to learn more.

Installation of Centreon-Nagios-SAP-Plugins on RHEL5.2   20. May 2009

This paper from Pascal Bombardier (Bull) describes the steps to install a monitoring solution based on Nagios. SAP CCMS monitors can be uploaded and monitored from within this application. Have a look inside to learn more.

Novell Bootcamp   11.05.2009

On May 19 and May 20 the next Novell Champions Club Boot Camp will take place at SAP University in Walldorf (Baden), Germany. This Boot Camp is of very technical nature and targets SAP customers as well as SAP consultants who are interested in the Novell High Availabilty Solution Heartbeat2 - Its configuration and integration with SAP software. Have a look inside to learn more.

DSAG: Next meeting of the WG Linux & MaxDB   04. May 2009

The DSAG working group "Linux & MaxDB" is meeting on June 23, 2009 in Walldorf (Baden), Germany. The focus of this work groups meeting is "Virtualization with Linux". SAP Technology partners and others present virtualization solutions for and with Linux. This includes Novell, Red Hat, Citrix and more. To register, have a look inside (DSAG login required).

Leveraging Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for SAP   16. April 2009

In this webinar on May 19, 2009, Red Hat will present the roadmap for its virtualization platform, as well as the relevant aspects of this solution and best practices for deploying Red Hat virtualization for SAP customers. Additionally, the webinar will include a demonstration of dynamic resource allocation and migration in SAP environments, and concludes with a live Q&A session.

SAP / Novell Performance Optimization   24. March 2009

SAP and Novell work close together when it comes to aligning the products to work seamlessly together. This SDN blog gives you some insights of the SAP / Novell performance workshop for SLES11. It also shows potential future benefits for you as an SAP / Novell customer.

Using LVM for more flexibility   30. January 2009

This blog from Uwe Menges gives you a comprehensive overview of the Linux Logical Volume Manager - LVM. You will learn more about the design concepts, the daily usage and potential pitfalls. Have a look inside to learn more.

SAP at the “Open Source Meets Business” Congress   16. December 2008

The conference program consists of more than 100 presentations including case studies and introductions to the newest developments. Have a look inside to learn more about the SAP offerings around the various workshop sessions.

SAP LinuxLab Virtualization Certification Workshop No. 3   28. October 2008

The SAP LinuxLab ensures that released SAP software will run on a certain software and hardware combination. This includes virtualization like VMware or Xen. This blog describes the hot topics of the next "SAP LinuxLab Virtualization Certification Workshop" and opens a discussion for you, what you want to see certified.

Sort varieties between operating systems   15. August 2008

Sorting the Roman alphabet is easy, you learn it at school. But did you know, that every operating system does has its own understanding of correct sorting? Have a look inside to learn more.

Single Sign-On: Authenticating Linux WebAS ABAP in Windows AD   05. August 2008

This blog from Matthias Schlarb describes how to authenticate an SAP WebAS ABAP on Linux via Kerberos v5 and the SAP SNC adapter against a Windows Active Directory and map their users to use Single Sign-On with the SAP GUI on Windows Client. Have a look inside to learn more. / ODF Support in SAP Software   23. July 2008

In this blog entry Erwin Tenhumberg explains how various SAP products integrate with different open source technologies. The main focus is the ABAP List Viewer or ALV export to the ODF spreadsheet file format. Have a look inside to learn more.

Certification of Xen on Linux / Itanium   02. May 2008

Every certification takes some time. You might ask why the LinuxLab Xen Itanium certification for SAP took so long. It's due to the fact, that we applied the same comprehensive rules like on any other SAP LinuxLab certification. Take a look inside for more information.

SAP LinuxLab Virtualization Certification Workshop - Results!   02. May 2008

Remember the SAP LinuxLab Virtualization Certification Workshop? Finally, after 12 weeks the results are available. Take a look inside to see how the different SAP certified virtualization technologies scale up to 150% host utilization.

SAP Benchmark Performance - Linux vs. Windows   02. May 2008

Performance can be measured using very different tools and techniques. The SAP SD-Benchmark became a de facto industry standard for enterprise business benchmarks. Have a look inside for a Linux vs. Windows performance comparison.

Novell BrainShare (external Link)   05. March 2008

SAP is the Cornerstone Sponsor of Novell's BrainShare fair which will take place from March 16-21, 2008 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. On Monday and Tuesday there are several SAP releated presentations and breakout sessions planned. Take your chance and meet people from the SAP LinuxLab there! For more information, have a look inside.

SLES High-Availability Training for SAP Consulting (external Link)   17. February 2008

Based on last year successful Novell Linux Champion Club Boot Camp in Walldorf and outcomes from High Availability Workshop 2008 in SAP LinuxLab, Novell is glad to invite you to participate on a two days SAP specific training on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Availabilty stack that will take place on March 3rd and 4th.

The attendees will have the possibility to realize the learned material on training hardware simultaneously. Aim of these hands-on training sessions is to make SAP consulting and consulting-like persons familiar with Novell Open Source High Availability cluster technology in the SAP stack, in particular how to configure an High Availabilty cluster with Heartbeat2 for SAP.

SAP LinuxLab Virtualization Certification Workshop   21. January 2008

The SAP LinuxLab ensures that released SAP software will run on a certain software and hardware combination. As new virtualization technologies are approaching, the SAP LinuxLab hosts a Virtualization Certification Workshop. Click to find out more.

SAP on Linux: Virtualization on commodity hardware now officially supported   07. December 2007

You are now able to run your SAP application on a supported virtualized Linux platform on commodity hardware using commodity virtualization technologies. But you have to use the tested and certified virtualization technology and hardware mentioned in several SAP notes and documents. Have a look inside to find all the needed information in one place.

Why extended virtualization monitoring is crucial for SAP   12. November 2007

Virtualization is becoming more and more important. From a supportability point of view, every virtualization platform has to provide extended monitoring features to comply with quality of service agreements. Take a look inside for a brief explanation why these features are so important for SAP.

MaxDB Info Day   13. September 2007  

On September 13, 2007 the MaxDB developments invites to a "MaxDB Info Day" in St. Leon-Rot. If you are interested, you can find more information about the event on the registration page.

13th meeting of the DSAG Linux Working Group   29. May 2007  

The next meeting of the DSAG Linux working group will again address some new and interesting topics around SAP on Linux:

  • Red Hat presents their new Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5 which is going to be certified for SAP on Linux soon. 

  • Atix is going to introduce a Linux Single System Image concept based on Shared Root Cluster Technology to the participants. 

  • And last but not least there is an update about memory management on SAP on Linux regarding 64-bit.

Check the DSAG Webpage for more details and registration to the meeting.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support   23. May 2007  

SAP and Novell deliver expanded Linux support options for customers. Both companies announced that they have extended their relationship to offer a new joint support solution for customers who run their SAP applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell. 

What about SAP and SELinux?   04. May 2007  

As several customers are already asking about SAP and SELinux, it is time to have a closer look onto this fascinating technology. This blog gives you an overview how you can implement a simple SAP policy for SELinux. It is also a good starting point, if you know the basics of SELinux and want to implement a more sophisticated SAP policy.

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