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IFRS Webinars and Recordings

This page contains recordings of webcasts, podcasts, videos etc. about IFRS made by SAP and its Partners.

Leveraging the New GL for Dual Reporting and IFRS  

In this webinar, Pete Graham of SAP together with Norm White of SAP Americas and John Steele of Deloitte Consulting highlight the most effective strategies for utilizing SAP General Ledger for dual-reporting requirements, including transitioning to IFRS. They will explore the benefits that the SAP General Ledger provides for management and statutory reporting.

IFRS@SAP - Transition to IFRS: Implementation of IFRS as an Additional Set of Accounting Standards Alongside U. S. GAAP  

In this webinar, Christiane Ohlgart, Head of Subsidiary Accounting, Corporate Financial Reporting, SAP AG will shed light on the multiple processes impacted by IFRS Implementation and help identify additional considerations taking into account ongong FASB / IASB Convergence efforts.

IFRS: Significant Reporting Shift Gets Closer  

In this webinar, four IFRS specialists will provide an update on what the statement from the SEC means for SAP customer and how SAP solutions can help them transition successfully to IFRS.

Five Things You Need to Know About IFRS  

In this webinar, Pete Graham of SAP together with Kenneth D. Marshall of Ernst & Young break down the best practices and provide expert insights gained from many IFRS implementations at various organizations into five key considerations for those just getting started with their IFRS implementations.

IFRS Adoption Challenges & IFRS Consolidations and Financial Reporting  

In this webinar, Glen Feinberg and Ian Wright of Deloitte and Philip Mugglestone of SAP provide an update on the regulatory environment and describe the potential impact of conversion to IFRS on financial management and reporting, and how SAP solutions can help.

IFRS Assessment  

In this webinar, Pete Graham of SAP together with Nick Difazio and Glen Feinberg of Deloitte, describe a typical assessment and readiness check for customers considering transitioning to IFRS, along with an update on the latest regulatory environment.

Adopting IFRS An Opportunity to Transform Finance Functions Webcast Source: SAP
Listen to this one-hour webcast by senior SAP principals and Accenture on IFRS and discover the results of an Accenture survey of finance executives at $1bn+ revenue companies who believe that IFRS presents a "transformational opportunity". In response SAP principals describe SAP solutions and best practice for implementing IFRS followed by a Q&A.

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