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Learning Adobe Flex for SAP Developers

These resources will help developers integrate Adobe Flash functionality in SAP applications. Before beginning, you will need to install Adobe Flex Builder.

Explore Rich Internet Applications

In 2002, Macromedia coined the term rich Internet application (RIA) to refer to a dynamic web experience that is rich and engaging, as well as interactive. This section introduces SAP developers to the power of RIAs created with Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex and rendered with the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtimes.

Experience Rich Internet Applications

Compare Adobe Flash, Flex, Flash Player and Air

Video   (Time 00:05:30)

Learn the differences between these related Adobe products and understand why programmers prefer Adobe Flex, and designers prefer Adobe Flash, for creating RIAs.

Create Engaging User Experiences for SAP Software

Creating Engaging Experiences for SAP Software        

This presentation describes how RIAs are enhancing SAP user interfaces. It also includes examples of real-world implementations of the technologies for SAP customers.

Use RIAs in Web Dynpro

Video                (Time 00:01:15)

SAP NetWeaver Product Manager Thomas Jung discusses the future of RIAs with Web Dynpro.

Find More RIA Resources

Flex Showcase on (Website)

Analysts reports on RIAs (Whitepapers)

Anatomy of a Flex RIA (Article series)

InsideRIA (O'Reilly Media Website)

When to use Flex and Ajax together (Blog post)

Develop Adobe Flash in SAP

Adobe Flash can be integrated into SAP Web Dynpro applications, but are not created with the SAP development tools. SAP users should use Adobe Flex Builder to create Adobe Flash in Web Dynpro. Note: SAP developers who already use SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio should consider using the Eclipse plug-in version of Flex Builder 3. Both development environments are Eclipse-based, and work seamlessly together.


Download the Adobe Flex SDK

The Adobe Flex 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Flex framework (component class library) and Flex compiler, enabling you to freely develop and deploy Flex applications using an IDE of your choice.

Download Adobe Flex Builder 

You can accelerate application development with Adobe Flex Builder 3 software, which is an Eclipse-based development environment that comes in both Standard and Professional editions.

Introducing Flex Builder

Video                 (Time 00:07:25)

Get an introduction to the Flex Builder interface and features.

Creating a Flex Builder Workspace and Project

Video                 (Time 00:07:10)

Step through creating a workspace and projects in Flex Builder.

Learn the Programming Languages of Flex and Flash

Flex applications are created with two programming languages. MXML is an XML-based language that is primarily used for UI elements. ActionScript is used to for programming and business logic.

Understand MXML

Video                   (Time 00:04:10)

Learn about the Flex XML-based tag library called MXML


Code with MXML and ActionScript

Learn how MXML and ActionScript work together to form the Flex coding environment.

ActionScript 3 Primer

Get a basic understanding of the concepts behind ActionScript 3.0 from Grant Skinner.

Create a Flex Application

Explore the pre-built components

Flex Component Explorer

The Flex framework contains pre-built components. Interactively explore these components, and the code that implements their functionality, in the Adobe Flex Component Explorer.

Use pre-built Flex controls

Video               (Time 00:04:35)

Learn to use and modify pre-built Flex controls to create a data collection form.

Use controls


Learn to use common Flex controls, including text-based, button-based, and list-based controls.

Work with containers

Video                 (Time 00:12:15)

Use containers to control the size and positioning of Flex application elements.

Use containers


Learn to use layout and navigation containers.

Position and lay out Flex components


Understand absolute and relative positioning, as well as constraint-based layout.

Bind data between controls

Video                 (Time 00:05:50)

Learn how to bind values from one control to another.

Handle user events

Video                  (Time 00:06:25)

Learn to handle user events on pre-built Flex controls.

Use data binding


Learn the primary approaches for tying data in one Flex control to another.

Integrate Adobe Flash in SAP

Adobe Flash in SAP Demos and Tutorials 

SAP has created a series of tutorials, which include videos and step-by-step guides for integrating Adobe Flash in SAP.

Customize the Look and Feel of Flex Applications

Style and Customize Pre-Built Flex Components 

See how to style Flex components to match your custom RIA with the interactive Flex Style Explorer.

Skin and Animate Flex Applications 

View the "Day 4: Adding Visual Appeals" section of this video training series to learn how to change the look and feel of your Flex islands. You will explore how to do this using drawing tools as well as programmatically with ActionScript.

Appendices: Deepen Your Flex Knowledge

Appendix A: Create Accessible Flex Applications

Appendix B: Build Multilingual Applications

Video                  (Time 00:05:10)

by Enrique Duvos.

Appendix C: Delve Deeper into Flex

There are many resources to help you develop your Flex expertise. The Flex Developer Center in the Adobe Developer Connection is the primary resource for Flex developers. From here, you can view Getting Started tutorials, view Sample applications, read articles by industry experts, and explore new books. You can also access the Flex in a Week video training course and exercises. Most importantly, you can find core documentation, including the Flex language reference.

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