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Web Dynpro Administration

There are various tools and functions available for the administration and configuration of the Web Dynpro runtime environment. These tools and functions are also useful for application developers.

Getting Started

Web Dynpro Content Administrator   (in SAP Help Portal) 

This online documentation describes the functions of the Web Dynpro Content Administrator. it is used to understand, manage and monitor the Web Dynpro content deployed on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

How to Use the Web Dynpro Content Administrator  

This paper describes how to use the Web Dynpro Content Administrator based on SAP NetWeaver 04 Stack 09 and discusses handling JCo destinations in general.

Configuring the Web Dynpro Runtime Environment   (in SAP Help Portal) 

This online documentation describes the specific settings for Web Dynpro system configuration.

Web Dynpro Naming Conventions  

This document provides guidelines on adhering to certain naming conventions when developing Web Dynpro applications in order to make the code more comprehensible and consistent, especially in large projects.

How to Define Text Mappings for a Web Dynpro Java Application  

With text mapping, you can modify terminology in a Web Dynpro application without modifying the declared text; the text mappings are used at run-time to substitute specified terms. In another article from Jochen Guertler's "Web Dynpro Best Practices" series, you will learn how to define text mapping using the Web Dynpro Content Administrator and the SAP NetWeaver Development Studio in another.

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