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Object Relationship Service

The Object Relationship Service can be used to create relations between two objects in a local or remote system. Objects in this scope refer to Business Objects or Class Instances. Objects that are dependent in a business process can be linked by this means to document the dependencies and allow a quick navigation.

Object Relationship relies on an Object Relationship Model that has to be defined first. The model describes which objects can be linked to others and what role they have to have in this relation. Thus, it is made sure that objects are linked only in a reasonable context. You find more information under the following links:


Object Relationship Service is easy to use, requires very little customizing and offers a simple interface to read, write or delete relationships between business objects.


Object Relationship Service                    (SAP Online Help)

This link leads you to the general online documentation of the Object Relationship Service.

Maintenance of Object Relationship Models                    (SAP Online Help)

When following this link, you find information on how to maintain Object Relationship Models in the corresponding transaction (SOBL_MODEL).


The Object Relationship Service offers two interfaces to be used by the application developer. For new implementations we suggest to use the class-based interface:

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