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SAP delivers prepackaged integration content, which is created based on the SAP SOA design methodology.

This business content includes global data types, service interfaces, and mapping definitions. IT professionals can use this predelivered content from SAP to jump-start their SOA implementations.

Content Provided by SAP

Integration Scenarios on ES Workplace 

The Enterprise Services Workplace (ES Workplace) provides an overview of integration scenarios defined based on the new modeling environment available in the ES Repository as of SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1. An integration scenario describes which components interact with each other within a specific business area. From each connection within an integration scenario, you can navigate to the corresponding process component interaction model, showing the details of the interaction and the involved components and ESR objects. From a process component interaction model, you can navigate to all further ESR content relevant for the interaction, as, for example, service interfaces and data types.

Access integration scenarios on ES Workplace.

Process Integration Scenarios ("Classical") in the Content Catalog
The content catalog provides an overview of the process integration scenarios provided by SAP. Process integration scenarios are a modeling option already available with earlier releases of SAP NetWeaver PI, as, for example SAP NetWeaver PI 7.0. 

To access the content catalog for the different application areas, choose one of the following links:

Content Provided by Third-Party Vendors

Content Catalog (Third-Party Vendors)   (SMP login required)
This page provides an overview of process integration scenarios provided by third-party vendors and certified by SAP.

Content Certification

The SAP Integration & Certification Center (ICC) initiated a certification program to ensure a standardized and aligned development process for process integration content provided by third-party vendors. This program is aimed mainly at those software and service providers who develop integration solutions in the SAP environment.

By participating in the certification program, those providers can benefit from the experiences SAP gained in the development of process integration content and they easily can get access to the expanding customer base of SAP NetWeaver. Certified process integration content offered by our partners will be published via the content catalog.

Exchange Infrastructure / Process Integration (includes Process Integration content certification) 

To ensure a standardized and harmonized development process for the implementation of process integration content, SAP has initiated a certification program for process integration content from ISVs.

SAP Business Packages

SAP Business Packages   
This page provides an overview of the pre-defined business packages for industry standards provided by SAP (integration content and industry standard adapter).

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