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Help Center Status

Availability and Known Issues

The Help Center is available for all applications of the Business Suite 7, that are based on ABAP Transaction Dynpro or Web Dynpro ABAP technology. It is available indifferent of the fact, whether the application is launched from the SAP system or from the SAP NetWeaver portal. The Help Center opens in a browser window.

Known Issues

Generation of the Web Dynpro Runtime Environment

If the Help Center - a Web Dynpro ABAP application - is launched for the first time in a pure ABAP stack, the Web Dynpro ABAP runtime environment may not yet be generated. If the system generates the runtime environment together with the Help Center application, timeouts are possible. The number of timeouts depends on the value of the timeout parameter. In this case, you must start the Help Center after each timeout, until the generation is complete. To avoid timeouts, set the timeout parameter to a high value before launching the Help Center for the first time, and reset it after generation.

Help Type Restriction

If the application help is launched from the SAP GUI for HTML, the help type HtmlHelpFile is not supported. See SAP note 534891.

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