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SAP NetWeaver Application Server - Backup Tools for MaxDB (formerly SAPDB) (BC-SDB)

SAP Integration Scenario

Certification for this integration scenario with the most recent version of SAP solutions is available only upon request, if SAP resources are available. Please contact or for more information.

SAP NetWeaver Application Server integrates a variety of tools specifically designed for reliable data backup, archive, and database administration. The implementation of a Backint for MaxDB interface enables the use of external backup tools to back up and restore MaxDB database systems. The database tool and the external backup tools communicate through an open interface.

Since SAP has already created the open interface BACKINT (for Oracle) for integrating common client/server backup programs in the ORACLE backup and restore program SAPDBA, the Backint for MaxDB interface is defined in the same way as BACKINT (for Oracle). Certification for the BC-SDB interface requires testing the backup, restore, and inquire functions. (For an Oracle-specific interface, see SAP NetWeaver Application Server - Backup Tools for Oracle Databases (BC-BRI).

For more information, see: Description BC-BRI

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