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Business Process Standards for the Metal Industry

The following organizations are the standard consortium that defines the industry business process best practice that SAP customers in the metal industry follow. By adopting the standard-defined business process, customers find that it increases their supply chain efficiency and provides a much better service level to their business partners.

Eurofer is the European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries founded in 1976. The objectives of Eurofer are the co-operation amongst the national federations and companies in all matters that contribute to the development of the European steel industry. EDIFER is the committee within EUROFER which develops solutions to meet the requirements of the steel industry in the area of e-commerce B2B and EDI. The growing of e-commerce B2B based on Internet and its technologies, EDIFER decided to focus on the development of open XML based standard for the European steel industry.

ESIDEL (the European Steel Industry Data Exchange Language) is the name of XML-based data interchange message standard developed by EUROFER for the steel industry. The ESIDEL guidelines provides the definition of the commercial transactions or business documents (orders, dispatch advices, invoices) exchanged between steel trading partners by point-to-point or via an integration hub, the usage of the business documents and the interaction between the business documents is presented in the business process guides.
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