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Virtualization on IBM z Systems

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Customers are using virtualization technology to optimize their IT landscape and to cut their hardware and operating costs.

On IBM z Systems, virtualization is part of the system platform. Therefore the operation of SAP systems is supported on any of the IBM z Systems virtualization technologies.

This page provides general information about IBM z Systems virtualization technologies as well as special information about running an SAP system in an IBM z Systems virtualized environment.

General information about virtualization on IBM z Systems

IBM z Systems Virtualization Technologies

IBM z Systems offers three virtualization technologies:

The PR/SM-hypervisor allows for partitioning of the physical hardware in multiple logical partitions ("LPAR's").
The z/VM-hypervisor provides multiple virtual "guest machines" either directly on IBM z Systems hardware or in a logical partition.
The KVM-hypervisor provides multiple virtual machines in a logical partition.

SAP in IBM z Systems Virtualized Environments

You can choose between multiple virtualization configurations when running the components of an SAP system in an IBM z Systems virtualized environment. The most common configuration is running the DB2 database on z/OS in a logical partition and running the application servers in multiple Linux-guests which either run on a z/VM-system or on KVM for IBM z Systems in another logical partition.

The following table provides more information about running SAP systems in IBM z systems virtualized environments:


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