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University & Academic Competence Centers


SAP partners with institutions of higher education to establish University Competence Center (UCC) and Academic Competence Center (ACC) locations around the world.

University Competence Center:

Academic Competence Center:

These centers provide highly reliable and economical peer hosting and professional support services to member campuses on a not-for-profit basis. Peer hosting gives professors the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology in their classrooms and labs with support from like-minded academic colleagues who are also SAP University Alliances program members and SAP software experts.

Members pay a fee that is only a small fraction of the cost of each center. Connections to SAP software are made through industry-standard Web browsers or through SAP user Interfaces with easy access through a standard Internet connection.

UAP University Competence Centers Services

The SAP UA Competence Centers' purpose is to support the enhancement of the student learning experience, to enhance the skills of lecturers and assistants and to support research in the form of master theses, bachelor theses, seminars, and projects using SAP software.

SAP Competence Centers make available lecture-specific educational offerings - both workshops and software products - that lecturers can tailor to their own teaching and research criterias.

UCC and ACC's provide the following:


  • Hotline for assistance with immediate incidents

  • Forwarding of incidents to the SAP First Level Customer Support (FLCS) or the SAP remote support

Hardware Operations

  • Backup/recovery services to the degree that is common for a university computing center (only UCC)
  • Upgrading SAP software if and when necessary and desired (only UCC)

The SAP UA Competence Centers offer a range of advantages to their customers:

  • Customers do not require knowledge and staff for the installation and maintenance of SAP systems; they can focus on their core competencies - research and lecturing
  • SAP UA Competence Centers provide problem support and resolution for members with either only a smattering of SAP knowledge or who have considerable expertise but require advice on a highly specific topic
  • Members are integrated into a wider community of existing academics who use SAP within teaching and research at institutions around the world
  • SAP Competence Centers enable an environment for research in the context of enterprise systems with the opportunity to provide feedback to SAP 

We encourage you to become connected to our UCC and ACC teams. Feel free to ask questions to further understanding their services.

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