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Web Dynpro for Java: General Concepts and Architecture

Web Dynpro is SAP's standard toolset for developing user interfaces. Using a specialised implementation of the Model-View-Controller design pattern, SAP has created a development environment that focusses on software reuse at the business process level, rather than at a lower technical level. If you are new to Web Dynpro, please spend some time going through the introductory documents and web presentations before attempting to build your first real-life application. The information here will give you the knowledge and understanding to get the best results from Web Dynpro Java.

Web Dynpro Mindmap

General Concepts and Architecture

The Structural Concepts of Web Dynpro Components  

  This document lays out both the structural concepts found within a Web Dynpro Component and how they are have been derived from the core principles found in the MVC design paradigm.

Understanding SAP's use of MVC in Web Dynpro Java   (presentation approx. 10 min.)

  Many people who are new to Web Dynpro think that because it uses both Java and the MVC design pattern, that any previous experience in either of these areas is sufficient to write a successful Web Dynpro application. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has been the cause of many poor quality or even failed Web Dynpro implementations. This presentation shows you why SAP needed to alter the MVC design pattern, and then shows you the result. If you wish to write succesful, easy-to-maintain applications in Web Dynpro, then it is vital that you understand how SAP has extended this design pattern.

Web Dynpro Java Mind Map  

  It can often be difficult to find the Web Dynpro information you're looking for quickly. The Web Dynpro Mind Map has been designed to act as a start point for topics related to Web Dynpro for Java. The mind map starts in the centre of the page and spreads out to the left, right, upwards and downwards. Each time you expand a branch, you will see more detail displayed for that topic. The structure of the mind map itself will also help you see how the topics are organised and related to each other.

attentionPlease read The Web Dynpro for Java Mind Map first!
In order to use this mind map, you need additional software and he gives all information you need to download and install it.

Understanding the Web Dynpro Phase Model   (eLearning presentation)

  This presentation explains the fixed sequence of processing steps known as the "Phase Model". Once you understand this sequence, you will have a much clearer understanding of how the processing in your business application and the Web Dynpro Framework interact with each other.

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