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For information on software logistics, see the Topic Overview section below or directly click on a link in the table below that lead you to the corresponding topic documents:

Topic OverviewLink to Topic DocumentDescription
Solution ImplementationInstallationReliable installation tools for setup of SAP systems and frontends
Technical ConfigurationAutomated processes for reliable, fast and easy setting of technical parameters
System CopyCreate copies of your SAP systems
System TransformationSystem Migration

Migrate your SAP systems to another OS or DB

Dual-Stack Split

Split existing dual-stack systems into single stack systems

System RenameRename an SAP system (that is, change the hostname, instance number, or system ID)
Change Control ManagementChange and Transport System

Transport ABAP and non-ABAP objects through system landscapes (CTS, CTS+, central CTS)

Maintenance and Upgrade ManagementSoftware MaintenanceUpdate your systems by implementing SAP corrections and SP stacks
System UpgradePlan and prepare your upgrade with minimized downtime, if required
Minimized Downtime for SAP Business SuiteHow to use the new build-in downtime minimization capabilities of Software Update Manager 1.0
Minimized Downtime for SAP NetWeaver Process IntegrationUse case and quick facts of the new downtime minimization tool nZDM/PI

SAP HANA Lifecycle Management

In addition to the supported processes for SAP systems outlined above, SAP HANA software includes lifecycle management procedures for customizing and updating your SAP HANA platform and for managing SAP HANA content products and transports.

Feature Requests

Influence the future of software logistics procedures by collaborating on ideas for new features in SAP Idea Place, the public channel to participate in innovation at SAP.

Submit new ideas, vote for existing ideas and connect directly with the teams at SAP that are in charge of the software logistics procedures!

Topic Overview

Software logistics provides you with tools and processes to manage your system landscape throughout the whole lifecycle of SAP software. For example, the initial implementation of an application, the transport of changes, or the maintenance and upgrade of your systems. SAP's software logistics aims at further simplification and automation of lifecycle-related tasks and at the reduction of administration efforts.

Solution Implementation

At regular intervals in your system landscape, you need to realize new functions by adding new building blocks and systems to an existing landscape or even constructing a totally new landscape.


For the setup of SAP systems and frontends, we offer reliable installation tools covering a broad range of platforms and products.

Technical Configuration 

After the standard installation as part of the overall system setup process, you proceed with the technical configuration that is crucial for robust and manageable systems. But also during the lifecycle of an SAP system, technical parameters have to be set and adapted, for which automated processes offer reliable, fast and easy procedures.

System Copy 

To build up and keep alive your landscape (such as for the creation of a consistent and up-to-date three-system landscape with development, test and production system), you rely on a stable system copy procedure available for all SAP technology stacks.

System Transformation

Adapt the setup of your existing SAP systems, such as migrating them to another platform.


If you want to change your platform, you can migrate SAP systems to another operating system or database - that is, you perform a heterogeneous system copy to change the operating system or database.

Dual-Stack Split

SAP recommends you to move away from dual-stack SAP systems where possible - only in very few cases, dual-stack is still mandatory, such as for SAP Solution Manager and for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration systems. While existing dual-stack systems remain supported in their current release, you can adapt your system setups to the recommendation from SAP and prepare future upgrades with the help of the dual-stack split procedure offered as option of software provisioning manager 1.0.

System Rename

When operating an SAP system landscape, there might be situations where you want to rename an existing SAP system. For example, you want to rename an SAP system provisioned by SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management or you want to change characteristics of an SAP system. With the system rename procedure of software provisioning manager 1.0, you can change the hostname, instance number, or system ID or any combination of these parameters of an existing SAP system.

Change Control Management

One aspect of change control management is the transport of changes between SAP systems in a landscape. The Change and Transport System of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP helps you to organize development projects in ABAP Workbench and in Customizing, and then transport the changes between the SAP systems in your system landscape. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0, you can also transport Java objects (J2EE, JEE) and SAP-specific non-ABAP technologies (such as Web Dynpro Java or SAP NetWeaver Portal) as well as ABAP objects in your landscape.

Maintenance and Upgrade Management

Software Maintenance 

To keep your system landscape up and running optimally, you regularly should update your systems by implementing SAP corrections and Support Package stacks. SAP offers a smart set of tools to help you obtain and automatically implement Support Packages and SAP Notes in a simple and convenient way.

System Upgrade 

From time to time, the request arises to upgrade your systems and applications to a new release due to new business requirements or to be able to use the latest technologies available in the market. SAP offers you powerful tools and sophisticated procedures for upgrading your SAP systems. They support you in planning and preparing your upgrade and aim at minimizing the downtime.

Minimized Downtime for SAP Business Suite

SAP’s Software Update Manager (SUM) is equipped with downtime minimization services and additionally with the near-Zero Downtime Maintenance Technology (nZDM), to minimize the business downtime which occurs while applying Support Packages, applying an Enhancement Package or upgrading an ABAP-based SAP Business Suite or SAP NetWeaver system.

Up-to-Date Landscape Description

A correct and up-to-date landscape description is mandatory to keep an overview of your SAP landscape and is also a prerequisite for many operations processes, such as maintenance - what kind of systems are part of your landscape, what is their state, and what software versions are available.

Minimized Downtime for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI)

The nZDM/PI tool is designed to significantly reduce the technical downtime of applying SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Support Packages to approximately 30 minutes. SAP offers this tool within the Software Logistics Toolset.

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