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SAP on IBM i: Upgrade

Here you can find resources and guides to help you upgrade your SAP on IBM i application environment. Please note - technical documentation of this type resides on the SAP Support Portal in the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP). An SMP login is required to access these guides. You can find out more about SMP access in this helpful FAQ.

Getting started

Upgrading SAP Solutions to a higher release is a complex maintenance operation. This procedure is done by SAP Software Update Manager (SUM). This central tool provides technologies to bring up your SAP system to a higher level with new features. SUM covers the following scenarios:

  • Implementing a Support Package stack in the same SAP release
  • Installing an Enhancement Package stack for the current SAP major release
  • Upgrading to a higher SAP major release

The SUM is able to process such scenarios for all SAP system types, such as ABAP, Java and Dual stack systems. The tool requires a valid target stack (a consistent set of files calculated by your SAP Solution Manager system) and a properly installed SAP Host Agent. Use the following links to access the recent SUM documentation guides for upgrades running on the IBM i platform:

More on Upgrade

Since the development of SUM is a continous process, SAP recommends to use always the latest available version of SUM. These versions are represented by the SP level of file SUM.SAR. To cover long running projects for complex SAP system landscapes, there is also the previous version of SUM available for download and will be maintained. The SAP Notes listed below contain information about the latest changes and supported upgrade scenarios:

SUM SP17 (current version)

SUM SP16 (previous version)

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