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SAP NetWeaver - Computer Telephony Integration (SAPphone) (BC-CTI)

The goal of computer telephony integration (CTI) in SAP R/3 is to make the telephone an integral part of business processes - whether part of an SAP R/3 application, an SAP R/3 workflow, or scenarios based on the SAP Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in a call center environment. In all these scenarios, CTI components, such as a gateway to a call center system, communicate with SAP R/3 components through SAPphone, an SAP R/3 Basis Services component.

SAPphone supports the following functions:

  • Telephony control such as initiating and transferring calls
  • Processing of incoming call information, such as displaying and branching to the CIC or application

  • Support for call center functions such as agent logon

  • Support for campaigns through predictive dialing

  • Support for interactive voice response (IVR)

SAPphone is not intended for the following functions: 

  • Processing and storing of voice data, as in voice mail

  • Processing of incoming calls made to a service number and assigning them to a specific processor, as in automatic call distribution (ACD)

  • Providing SAP R/3 data for incoming calls processed by an IVR system, without subsequently transferring the call to a human agent

To connect a CTI product to SAPphone, third-party vendors can use Microsoft TAPI or BC-CTI. Any CTI product compatible with Microsoft TAPI version 2.0 or 2.1 can communicate with SAP R/3. This connection supports basic telephony functions such as initiating or transferring calls as well as call center integration functions such as agent logon. TAPI does not support predictive dialing. For an SAP R/3 telephony gateway, you must install the SAPphone Server, which implements RFC connections to SAPphone and the TAPI client interface.

A CTI product must be connected to the SAPphone RFC interface for the full range of SAPphone functions to be used.

Getting Started

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) highly recommends that ISVs and partners, who are interested in certifying an integration of their product with SAP solutions, begin with our page Getting Started with Integration and Certification that explains the SAP ICC services and describes the process how to obtain them. This page helps you select the correct integration scenario and contains technical information, streaming media presentations, step-by-step guides, and much more.

Technical Documentation

SAP NetWeaver 2004s There were no changes to BC-CTI in this release.

SAP R/3 6.10 There are no changes to BC-CTI in this release and recertification is not required. For more information, see:

SAP R/3 4.6 There are no changes to BC-CTI in this release and recertification is not required. For more information, see:

SAP R/3 4.5
BC-CTI is introduced as a new certifiable interface in SAP R/3 4.5. For more information, access the following document:

In addition to the technical interface specifications, please also refer to the applicable SAP Solution Manager Ready integration criteria.

Test System Recommendation from ICC

SAP RAC Service:The quickest way to gain access to an SAP system suitable for integration testing is via the SAP Remote Access and Connectivity Service (SAP RAC), which provides access to shared and exclusive-use hosted test systems.

Description about available test system options:Read SAP ICC consultant Martin Vierling's blog about Integrating to SAP Solutions - Test System Opportunities for independent Software Vendors, where you can find the options of hosted SAP Test Systems and recommendations, if the hosted test system option is suitable for your certification.

Price List

10,000 Euro Per Certification (Euro currency applicable to all countries).
To understand all services and benefits included in this fee, please refer to the
Getting Started Page.

Benefits of Certification

Customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the ISVs and partners offering these, experience great benefits such as shorter implementation times, technical enablement, and marketing assets that certification provides.

Please visit the
'Certification Benefits overview page' for more information. 
  • After successful certification testing the ISV solution can be advertised with the following logo:   

  • This Certification Scenario is "SAP Solution Manager Ready" available upon request.

  • Platform User License is available for this scenario.

Important Links:
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SAP Training and Help:

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SAP Education.

ICC Webinar: You are invited to join our introductory webinars - hosted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in regular intervals. For a schedule and recordings got to the page "SAP Integration and Certification Webinar Series"

Apply for ICC Services right away - please fill in the SAP ICC online application form

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