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The SAP Snap-In for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) provides a graphical user interface to administer SAP systems from Windows PCs. By default it is installed with any SAP application server on Windows. The default configuration allows you to administer any locally installed SAP application server. However SAP MMC can manage any local or remote application server on Windows as of release 45B and as of release 6.40 application servers running on any OS platforms. SAP MMC versions are fully backward compatible. Therefore installing the latest version is recommended and enables the latest features and fixes. Starting with release 7.10 SAP MMC is shipped as a fully self contained standalone standard Microsoft installer package (MSI). This makes it very easy to install it on any Windows PC.
As of release 6.40 the SAPControl webservice of sapstartsrv is used to manage application servers running on any OS platform. For releases  < 6.40, SAP MMC utilizes the ISAPControl DCOM interface of sapstartsrv to administer application server running on Windows. In addition the command line tool sapcontrol can be used to administer application server via the SAPControl webservice. Do you know the SAP Management Console (SAP MC)? and the SAP Management Perspective of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio are alternative graphical Java / Eclipse based user interfaces, providing similar features as SAP MMC.

Download Latest SAP MMC Snap-In Released Build

You have to log in to SAP Service Marketplace to access the download pages.
On SAP Service Marketplace you find the latest released versions of the SAP MMC Snap-In for the following platforms:

SAP internal: SAP employees can download the latest development version via our internal wiki page.

SAP MMC - Related Tools

SAP MMC automatically integrates with many SAP and third party tools to provide additional functionality like SAP logon, remote login or Database Administration. By installing these tools on your Windows PC you can add additional functionality to SAP MMC:

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