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Microsoft SQL Server

Important SAP Notes on SQL Server


Here you can find important SAP notes about SQL Server (SMP login required):

Note Number: TitleSubject
555223: FAQ: Microsoft SQL ServerFAQs

1966681: Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2014

1970448: SAP Installation Media and SQL4SAP for SQL Server 2014

1966701: Setting up Microsoft SQL Server 2014

1986775: Configuration Parameters for SQL Server 2014

Installation and Administration of SQL Server 2014)

1651862: Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

1684545: SAP Installation Media and SQL4SAP for SQL Server 2012

1676665: Setting up Microsoft SQL Server 2012

1702408: Configuration Parameters for SQL Server 2012

Installation and Administration of SQL Server 2012

1076022: Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (R2)
1152240: Setting Up Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (R2)
1144459: SQL4SAP and SAP Installation Media for SQL Server 2008

1473016: Service Pack Installation for SQL Server 2008
1279358: Cumulative Update Installation for SQL Server 2008
1260968: COPYTOSHADOW: R3trans loses reports

1237682: Configuration Parameters for SQL Server 2008

Installation and Administration of SQL Server 2008 (R2)

2114876: Release Planning SAP BW for SQL Server Columnstore

1771177: SQL Server 2012 column-store support for SAP BW

1949486: SQL Server 2014 Columnstore support for SAP BW

2116639: SQL Server 2014 Columnstore documentation

SQL Server with SAP BW

639702: JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server

745895: Available Microsoft JDBC drivers

2142959: How to check the version of Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server

1145221: JDBC driver exchange to Microsoft JDBC Driver

1109274: New JDBC driver for NetWeaver 7.0 and higher

JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server

1491158: Information about the Microsoft SQL Server license scope

2139358: Effect of changes in licensing terms of SQL Server

2173632: Clarification of Core based licensing

MS SQL Server license scope

62988: Service Packs for Microsoft SQL Server

1733195: Microsoft SQL Server version and download list

1660220: Microsoft SQL Server: Common misconceptions

398136: Support Policy for Microsoft SQL Server

1177356: MS SQL Server: End of Support for SAP Releases

Non-Release Specific Support Information

1027512: MSSQL: DBA cockpit for basis release 7.00 and later

683447: SAP Tools for MS SQL Server

SAP SQL Server Database Tools

1248222: ODBC DBSL profile parameters and connect options

208632: TCP/IP network protocol for MSSQL

128126: Database Connect for external tools

1601608: How to access an external SQL Server database

1644499: Database connectivity from Linux to SQL Server

Database Connectivity / Database Library / Profile Parameter

142731: DBCC checks of SQL Server

Database Consistency Checks

767691: Migration of SAP Systems to/from MS SQL Server

151603: Copying an SQL Server database

1086375: There is already an object named '..' in the database

592514: MSSQL: internal database users, permissions and security


Database Migrations / Copying Databases/ Logins, Users and Schemas

1488135: Database compression for SQL Server

1459005: Enabling index compression for SQL Server

Database Compression

1238993: Data File Management for SQL Server

363018: File management for SQL Server

Database File Administration

32129: Deadlock analysis for the SQL server


869407: Partitioning on MS SQL Server

1471910: SQL Server Partitioning in System Copies and DB Migrations

Table Partitioning (only relevant for SAP BW based systems)

965908: SQL Server Database Mirroring and SAP Applications

493290: Configuring SQL server Log shipping

1772688: SQL Server AlwaysOn and SAP applications

High Availability

1297986: Backup and Restore strategy for MS SQL Server

1420452: FAQ: Restore and recovery with MS SQL Server

Backup and Recovery

1744217: Basic requirements to improve the performance of a SQL Server database

1241751: SQL Server minimal logging extensions

1134345: Using locked pages for SQL Server

929031: Using SQL Server Profiler for JAVA (and ABAP)

159171: Recompilation of Stored Procedures

2093615: Tips for opening Database Performance Incidents

987961: FAQ: SQL Server I/O performance

1747875: MSSQL: Performance problems when accessing certain tables

General Performance

129385: Database hints in Open SQL

133381: Database-Hints in Open SQL for MS SQL Server

1552952: Parameter maxmarkercnt increased to 10000

Performance -> Optimizer Hints

1380493: SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

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