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End of Maintenance Information

Relevant for all Databases and Operating Systems Supported by SAP

SAP end of maintenance information for the different DB & OS platforms is summarized here. As part of this information, a matrix with end of maintenance dates for each SAP supported DB and OS platform release is available. Additionally to SAP release information, the different DB & OS platforms supported for SAP products have parallel release cycles, i.e. own end of life dates. A platform version may reach its maintenance finish date before the SAP release for which this platform version is supported has reached SAP maintenance finish date.Therefore, SAP advises against SAP / DB / OS release combinations for which the corresponding DB or OS release has reached the maintenance finish date set by the platform vendor. In case of a DB or OS related problem, you might be required to update to a maintained version before you can obtain a solution for your problem.

SAP strongly recommends that you upgrade old platform versions to newer ones which are still maintained by the corresponding platform vendor. Furthermore, starting with a given patch level, subsequent SAP patches are planned to be only provided on the basis of the next maintained platform releases. Examples are the 4.6D_EX2 and 4.6D_EXT kernel. SAP will provide the simplest migration way for such cases.

List of Databases



Planned Support by Vendor



SAP Note 1174136



SAP Note 1174139


DB2 for i5/OS

SAP Note 1174586


DB2 Connect

SAP Note 1124966


DB2 for z/OS

SAP Note 1224966


DB2 for LUW  (or) DB2 UDB

SAP Note 1168456


MS SQL Server

SAP Note 1177356


Max DB

SAP Note 1178367

List of Operating Systems


Operating System/ Platform

Planned Support by the Vendor



SAP Note 939891



SAP Note 1179765


Tru64 UNIX

SAP Note 1174176



SAP Note 1174174



SAP Note 1124966


Linux SuSE/Novell

SAP Note 936887


Linux RedHat

SAP Note 936887



SAP Note 1177282


IBM i,  i5/OS

SAP Note 1174586



Out of Support

Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance Period for Various SAP R/3 and other SAP Components Using Specific Kernels
New SAP Kernel Versions

To react to the end of maintenance of some databases/operating system releases, SAP has provided new kernel versions(_EXT or _EX2, for example 46D_EX2) for all SAP application releases that are in extended maintenance.

To find all the important details on extended maintenance, see the SAP Maintenance pages (SMP Login Required).

  • To check which SAP kernel releases you can use with a database/operating system combination, use the PAM.
  • To order an SAP _EXT or _EX2 kernel, you can choose one of the following options:
  1. To download the latest SAP _EXT or _EX2 kernel, see                             
  2. To order the latest SAP _EXT or _EX2 kernel on a CD, see                            
  3. For the installation of the SAP _EXT or _EX2 kernel, follow the instructions in upgrade guides and SAP Notes for the installation and upgrade of your SAP system.

SAP only offers support for a SAP kernel version if the underlying database/operating system combinations are still maintained by their suppliers.

Support for Upgrades
You should take the following into consideration, when planning your SAP system upgrade:

  • SAP does not support direct upgrades to releases in extended maintenance.
  • SAP may not support direct upgrades from releases in extended maintenance to higher releases in mainstream maintenance.
  • SAP offers direct upgrades from SAP R/3 releases 3.1I, 4.0B, 4.5B or 4.6B to all SAP ERP releases

For more information about upgrades of SAP component releases that are in extended maintenance, see the Upgrade Portal

IBM eServer iSeries only:
An upgrade to SAP R/3 Enterprise requires a codepage conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII. This codepage conversion is only supported for SAP R/3 4.6C and with some restrictions also for SAP R/3 4.6B (refer to SAP Note 599700).

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