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Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award


Congratulations Paul Cronan, Christine Clemons Davis and David Douglas from University of Arkansas

The Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award is given annually to an individual or individuals who have provided outstanding service to the SAP University Alliances program. This year, the North America University Alliances team recognizes three individuals for their contributions to the program. The recipients of the 2010 Majdi Najm Outstanding Service award are: Paul Cronan, Christine Clemons Davis and David Douglas, all from the University of Arkansas.

The Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award was established to honor the memory of Dr. Majdi Najm who was the director of the University Competence Center at the University of Missouri. Majdi passed away in 2004. This award recognizes those who have advanced, and continue to advance the use of SAP in the classroom. The winners are notable for their collaboration with faculty members from other SAP University Alliances campuses. Since the inception of this award, the honorees chosen have demonstrated a history of leadership in the program, through participation at the SAP Curriculum Congress and workshop events, development of curriculum content, mentoring of other faculty, and promotion of the SAP University Alliances program both on and off their home campus .

The team at the University of Arkansas has clearly demonstrated what it means to provide service to others and demonstrate leadership across the program. This group has freely provided SAP University Alliances program members with access to their SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse datasets acquired from customers with whom they partner closely. These datasets are comprised of terabytes of data used for meaningful data mining and analysis in the classroom. This group has partnered with other professors (notably Jim Mensching and Lorraine Gardiner from California State University, Chico) to refine the data, organize it into infocubes, and then develop meaningful data mining curriculum as case studies. In addition, they have developed and freely shared their SAP NetWeaver BW course materials via the University Alliances Community (UAC). Since the first course content was shared, subsequent course materials (developed by Jim & Lorraine) using these datasets have also been shared with program members around the globe - building support and generating interest via collaboration. This team actively partners with the business community (another best practice encouraged by the program) to promote and further develop their ERP initiative, place students, and so on.

Christine has taken a lead on learning, developing and sharing SAP BusinessObjects content, and led the Business Intelligence winter 2010 workshop, the SAP BusinessObjects workshop at the recent SAP Curriculum Congress 2010 and is on the calendar for the summer workshops. She is actively supporting the SAP Retail curriculum group as well. David runs their ERP Center and is instrumental in pulling all these parts together. Paul has gotten deeply involved with ERPsim - he and three PhD students have incorporated it into research opportunities, which is a best practice the University Alliances team encourages other to follow across the program, while actively promoting the SAP University Alliances program with prospective member schools as well as SAP customers, partners and analysts. David and Paul have also given numerous presentations on the value of UA at academic conferences such as HICSS and AMCIS.

This year's recipients will join a distinguished group of honorees: Bret Wagner (2006), Gilbert Babin (2007), Pierre-Majorique L├ęger (2007), Robert Pellerin (2007), Jacques Robert (2007), Fawzi Noman (2008), Ross Quarles (2008) and Jim Mensching (2009).

Congratulations to Paul Cronan, Christine Clemons Davis and David Douglas!

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