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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

FAQ - Information Broadcasting and General

Where can I get up-to-date information about broadcasting using an Enterprise Portal?

See SAP Note 969040.

Which browsers, e-mail servers, and clients support MHTML?

SAP cannot provide a complete list of the software that supports MHTML. Please clarify this with your software vendor. Some of the systems that support MHTML are listed below, but it is still necessary to clarify the details with the vendor.

MHTML format (MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents, see, is supported by the following Web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

In addition, it is supported by the following email servers and clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • IBM Lotus Domino 6 (partial)
  • BM Lotus Domino Everyplace 3.0

What do I need to consider in my support package stack upgrade planning when using information broadcasting to the Portal?

For information broadcasting to work properly, you need to have the same support package stack on both the BI system and the SAP NetWeaver Portal (with Knowledge Management). Upgrades need to be done simultaneously on both sides.

Can I broadcast e-mails to distribution lists that are defined in a groupware system (e.g. MS Exchange, Lotus Notes)?

Yes. For more information, see SAP Note 834102 (SMP login required).

What is the best approach and the best resources to learn about Information Broadcasting?

We recommend the following resources (in this order):

  1. For an overview, see the E-Learning Maps on BI in SAP NetWeaver 7.0, (SMP login required). Information broadcasting is documented to a great detail in standard BI documentation.
  2. If you integrate broadcasting with the SAP NetWeaver Portal, you have to implement the required settings for BI in the IMG (transaction SPRO) under "SAP Transaction SPRO/SAP Reference IMG ->SAP Customizing Implementation Guide ->SAP NetWeaver ->Business Intelligence ->Reporting-Relevant Settings ->Web-Based Settings ->Integration into Portal". The Customizing step, "Overview: Integration into Portal" contains a detailed description of the steps and settings required in BI and Portal.

What is the pricing policy on information broadcasting?

Contact your local account executive for details.

Can I broadcast graphs in addition to tabular reports?

Yes. When you broadcast a report, it is broadcast with the current display.

Can I use a single report to distribute filtered or user or group-specific information to each individual user?

Yes. there are two possibilties:

  1. User-specific broadcasting based on existing users.
  2. Data-bursting based on user information in BI master-data.

For example, a single cost center report that is broadcast to all CC managers once a week; regional sales report that broadcasts only the regional results for each group of sales people and sales managers see all groups for which they are responsible. For instructions, see the standard SAP BI documentation.

Can I broadcast at any time?

Yes. Depending on the authorization settings of your SAP NetWeaver BI system, users can set up their own ad hoc schedules.

Can I change my broadcast settings after I set them up?

Yes. From the "information broadcasting" tab page of the BEx Web Analyzer, you can select "Overview of Scheduled Settings" to manage all broadcasts you have authorizations to control.

Do individual users see customized precalculated results for their broadcast report (such as only their region, only their cost center, only their benefits information)?

Yes. Authorizations can be leveraged by the broadcasting process to narrow the results of each individual user. Additionally, you can use data bursting to tailor the result of broadcasts even if the recipients are not known BI users.

Do all users have to be defined in the SAP NetWeaver BI system in order to broadcast to them?

No. E-mail addresses can also be targeted for broadcasts. Using data bursting, you can even send personalized broadcasts to non-BI users.

Can I compress output to avoid issues with e-mail size limitations?

Yes. SAP NetWeaver BI provides a zipping service that can be applied to broadcasts.

Can I subscribe to broadcast results and be notified when new broadcasts are distributed?

Yes. This is one of the advantages of incorporating Knowledge Management services of SAP NetWeaver Portal. When broadcasts are sent to the portal, reports become KM documents to which the user can subscribe.

Can I incorporate existing corporate email groups and or users into the broadcasting wizard?

Broadcasts can be sent to registered SAP NetWeaver BI users, SAP NetWeaver BI roles, and external e-mail accounts. Corporate e-mail groups have to be imported by copying and pasting the e-mail address into the Broadcaster. They will be stored there in the user's history for reuse.

Can I broadcast from one language (such as English) to other languages?

Yes. This assumes all language-relevant elements of the report have been maintained in the target language (such as texts and hierarchies).

Can I broadcast only to myself and not to everyone?

Yes. You can either send an e-mail broadcast to yourself or to your personal portfolio (KM folder) in SAP NetWeaver Portal. In both cases, the broadcast can be a single, immediate broadcast or a regularly scheduled broadcast.

We have thousands of documents in SAP NetWeaver BI Content framework - is there a migration path to get these into KM? Is there a way to access these directly without having to open the related SAP NetWeaver BI report(s)?

A migration process will be available in the mid future.

In SAP BW 3.5, documents can be accessed from within the KM function of Enterprise Portal using corresponding NetWeaver BI repository managers. New documents can also be created and stored in SAP NetWeaver BI Content framework from within KM using these repository managers.

With BI in SAP NetWeaver 7.0, you can migrate your documents from BI to KM (see the documentation under "Business Intelligence ->Data Warehousing ->Data Warehouse Management/Documents ->Working with Documents in Knowledge Management").

Can I setup the broadcast so the current date will be included in the broadcast header?

Yes. Variables can be incorporated into the text of the broadcast to provide the date or time of the broadcast in the header of the broadcast, if required. This can also be combined with free text for more flexible and descriptive broadcast headers.

Does Reporting Agent alerting have a migration path to the new broadcasting-based alerting? How is information broadcasting integrated?

Reporting Agent settings are still supported in SAP NetWeaver 7.0. Your existing scenarios still run. For new alert scenarios, we recommend using the BEx Broadcaster instead of the Reporting Agent. There is no migration of Reporting Agent settings to Broadcaster settings.

Can I use information broadcasting to distribute precalculated queries, Web applications, and workbooks to a third-party file server, Web server or document management systems?

Yes. With information broadcasting, you can precalculate queries, Web applications, and workbooks and publish them into the Knowledge Management of the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

In KM, you can easily create a Repository Manager (CM repository with persistence mode FSDB) that is attached to a file system directory (for example, the directory of an Internet Information Server (IIS)). You have to create a link in the KM folder of documents to the folder of the CM Repository attached to the file system or you can define your CM Repository as an entry point in KM. For more information, see SAP Note 827994 (SMP login required).

Information broadcasting can automatically put a new report on the third-party file server (for example, using the data change event in the process chain). KM offers repository managers for many different file servers, Web servers, and document management systems (such as IIS and Documentum):

  1. Create CM Repository attached to file system.
  2. Use iView KM Content to create subfolder in file system (optional).
  3. Set permission to Administrator (optional).
  4. Create link in /documents to folder of CM Repository attached to file system or define CM Repository as entry point. (See SAP Note 827994.)
  5. Schedule Broadcasting Settings that export to a linked folder of CM Repository.

Because documents created via Information Broadcasting have additional attributes attached to them which mark them as broadcasted documents, it is not possible to store these kind of documents in a "pure" file system repository because such a repository usually only stores properties like "last changed", "creator", etc. Fortunately, KM provides a mechanism to nevertheless use a file system repository to store the documents. The additional properties will be stored in the database. Details are given here and here.

The "persistence mode" of the repository must be "FSDB" to allow this kind of behavior. Please note that because of the distributed storage of file and additional properties, the property assignment will be lost when moving around the document in the file system using some non-KM tool like windows explorer.

Are there any new hardware or sizing needs regarding information broadcasting in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 compared to the SAP BW 3.x function?

An information broadcaster query is treated exactly like a normal query. There are no additional hardware requirements if you broadcast queries that take hardware calculations into account. If, however, there is a need for a significant number of additional broadcasting queries, consider reviewing your sizing.

In addition, using Broadcasting not only using e-mail but also with the SAP NetWeaver Portal requires the additional installation of a J2EE Server with SAP NetWeaver Portal or KM.

I plan to schedule the broadcast of a fixed number of documents on a regular basis. How can I calculate the system requirements needed?

To find out your sizing needs, you can use the Quick Sizer Tool ( - SMP login required). The load caused by pre-calculation of queries must be mapped to an adequate number of virtual users.

Example: the load caused by precalculating of 100 queries in 2 hours can be simulated by 50 users of category "InfoConsumer" since, by definition, each "InfoConsumer" causes the load of one navigation step per hour.

Is there a performance difference in accessing SAP NetWeaver BI queries using online links (URLs) in a KM folder or directly using a URL within a Web browser?

There should not be any difference in performance.

What is important to know regarding J2EE memory consumption of information broadcasting scenarios?

It is recommended to allocate at least 1 GB heap size for the J2EE Engine. The lower the heap size, the time needed for full garbage collection. Frequent full garbage collection should be avoided. As a rule of thumb, the J2EE engine should not spend more than 5% of its CPU time on garbage collection.

How do the broadcast channels E-mail and SAP EP KM Folders compare performancewise?

Sending broadcast reports by e-mail is 50-70% faster than deployment into the SAP NetWeaver Portal in the current support package stack for SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

We want to take advantage of information broadcasting. How can the contents sent, such as Excel workbooks, MHTs, PDFs be encrypted automatically?

The Broadcaster itself does not provide encryption. However, e-mails are sent out using an external SMTP server. Check if your SMTP server provides encryption and see also SAP Note 149926.

How can I broadcast from an SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI system into SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0?

There are several options available to broadcasts into a SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0. We recommend using a WebDAV Repository Manager. For more information, see SAP Note 969040.

Can I broadcast from an SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI system into SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0?

No. This is not possible, and no workaround is supported.

How can I broadcast from a SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI system into a federated portal network?

There are several options available to broadcasts into a federated portal network. We recommend using a WebDAV Repository Manager. For more information, see SAP Note 969040.

Can I display broadcasts of the same SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI system that are triggered using ABAP runtime and using Java runtime to the same KM folder in a federated portal?

Yes. Both types of broadcasts can be broadcast to the same KM folder in the local portal of the BI system. Using remote role assignment, the Business Explorer showcase role of the local portal can be displayed within the federated portal. The local portal acts as the producer and the federated portal acts as the consumer. The Business Explorer showcase role displays typical KM folders using BEx portfolio.

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