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Personalization in Web Dynpro ABAP Applications

Running Web Dynpro applications provides a wide range of additional functionally for end-users and administrators. One of the most powerful mechanisms is the usage of the different flavors of personalization.

Usage of Different Flavors of Personalization

In general we differentiate between the following personalizations capabilities:

  • Portal personalization - available for all type of applications running within the SAP NetWeaver portal. The portal personalization supports the changing of several global portal settings such as the preferred language or the portal theme.
  • Explicit iView personalization - The explicit iView personalization defines the capability to adjust iView properties which are explicitly defined for a specific iView.
  • Implicit Web Dynpro personalization - The implicit Web Dynpro personalization allows customizing of visual aspects of Web Dynpro UIs without any additional programmatically effort or configuration. Typical examples are hiding UI elements or changing labels or tool tips.
  • Explicit Web Dynpro personalization - The explicit Web Dynpro personalization allows you to explicitly define the properties and the UI. A typical use case is to define personalize a generic Web Dynpro component to show table data, which is used in many Web Dynpro applications. If you want to personalize this component, you can use the explicit Web Dynpro tools to define the specific properties and the appropriate personalization dialog box for setting the properties.

Any Web Dynpro application can be personalized for single users (for example - a single user wants to change the portal look & feel, hide UI elements, and define user specific default value), or for group of users for a specific role (for example - defining the back-end system of an application, extending the list of displayed fields, and hiding certain iViews within a page).

Additional details about the personalization capabilities can be found at the "Integrate Web Dynpro into your SAP NetWeaver Portal to create dynamic, flexible applications" of Jochen Guertler from SAP AG.

Web Dynpro ABAP Personalization Demonstration

These videos demonstrate some of the capabilities to personalize either SAP delivered or your own Web Dynpro ABAP Components.

Web Dynpro ABAP Personalization                    (eClass Time: 00:01:00)

This video shows basic personalization for a Web Dynpro ABAP application.

Web Dynpro ABAP Personalization - Administrative Mode                    (eClass Time: 00:02:39)

This video expands upon the functionality of basic personalization, to demonstrate the additional features of Administrative Mode Personalization.

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