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eCATT: The Extended Computer Aided Test Tool

Functional testing is an essential activity at many stages of the solution lifecycle, especially during implementation and upgrade. Within the SAP Web Application Server, you will find various tools to help you automate your test activities without having to resort to costly third-party tools.

eCATT: The Extended Computer Aided Test Tool  is an automated testing tool that allows you to create automated functional test cases for the majority of applications running in SAP GUI for Windows/Java/HTML or Web Dynpro environments. Like other test tools, it works by making a recording of an application, which you can then parameterize and replay with differing sets of input values. You can test the behavior of the application by reading and testing the values returned by the application.

eCATT differs from external tools in that it provides full access to the application server and database layers of the system, allowing you to test function modules, BAPIs as well as Web Services, perform checks against the database, and interrogate or simulate changes to customizing settings.

Available as off SAP Web Application Server Release 6.20, eCATT can also be used to test remotely in any system running SAP R/3 Release 4.6C or higher. All that you need is a single SAP Web Application Server (as of release 6.20) or SAP NetWeaver ABAP stack to function as a central test server.

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Introductory Articles

This series of articles which were kindly produced and donated by Rakesh Kumar Jain from Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. will introduce you to the automated testing tool eCATT. The articles are based mainly on the SAP GUI recording mode. To find the corresponding information for other recording modes like TCD or Web Dynpro applications, you should refer to the SAP online help.

Online Help

The following links lead you to the eCATT documentation on the online help portal: Englisch version or German version.

Security Guide             

This link leads you to the security information on eCATT.

Frequently Asked Questions


You will find answers to the frequently asked questions under this link.

Success Stories

SAP Customer Success Story: INVISTA RESINS & FIBERS  

INVISTA chose a variety of SAP services for consulting, education, knowledge transfer, and automated test administration to ensure its smooth and efficient upgrade to new SAP software. In this success story, you learn among other things how test automation with the extended computer-aided test tool (eCATT) significantly reduced test effort and helped to save time needed for the upgrade.

ROI reflection: Automation of regression tests at INVISTA  

This presentation contains ROI reflections on the automation of regression tests with SAP eCATT at INVISTA.

SAP Test Management Consulting

The complexity of SAP requires consequent testing during the implementation or upgrade of SAP solutions as well as during the implementation of Support Packages, before modified applications can be transported into the production system. The SAP Test Management Consulting claims to be the Trusted Advisor for SAP customers worldwide in all areas of testing. You find detailed information here (SMP login required!).

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