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SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

by Open Text

SAP Extended ECM is a content management solution that integrates seamlessly into SAP business processes thus providing unstructured content with comprehensive business context. The product includes a complete set of ECM capabilities including Document Management, Records Management, Scanning, Archiving and Collaboration. Thus customers can manage the complete lifecycle of content, from creation, to sharing and approvals, publication, search archiving, retention and destruction - all within the context of the business process. The application can deliver exactly the right content to the SAP or Non-SAP business user based on his/her role and the process step.

Business Challenges

  • Difficult to view relevant content associated with a business process because it's fragmented across applications
  • Business documents reside in different applications, resulting in content silos
  • High costs associated with managing and storing unstructured content and structured data
  • Lack of supporting information to make business decisions
  • Inability for stakeholders to collaborate on content.
  • No consistent approach to records management that spans content across the enterprise
  • Increased regulatory and governance requirements.

Client Benefits

  • Reduce Cost - reduce data and document storage and administrative costs
  • Increase Productivity - gain efficiency by being able to access all content relevant to a business process within SAP GUI. Additionally, save time as a result of shorter backup and recovery windows.
  • Reduce Risk - implement DoD 5015.2 certified records management solution for all unstructured content automatically.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage - with process transformation capability you can connect people, processes and content to quickly and efficiently respond to the changing market conditions.
  • Improve Customer Experience - native integration with document management solution allows a quick and complete view of all customer information.

eBook on SAP Extended ECM u00A0

Learn about key customer challenges related to managing content and how out of box integration of SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (ECM) by Open Text and SAP Business Suite helps customers improve productivity, reduce cost and mitigate risk.

Solution Brief: Connecting Enterprise Content to SAP Business Suite u00A0                  (coming soon)

As organizations move to standardize and streamline core business processes, they increasingly find the need to interconnect unstructured information with those highly structured operations. The SAPu00AE Extended Enterprise Content Management application by Open Text can help you meet this challenge.

AIIM Whitepaper  March 2010: Connecting ERP and ECM - Measuring the benefits u00A0                  

The challenge to align document-centric business processes with the ERP transaction data, whilst at the same time integrating the ERP-stored repositories of document information into the overall enterprise content management strategy. Users who have integrated their systems are reaping a strong return on investment from gains in productivity, customer service and knowledge access.

IDC Whitepaper: Enterprise Content Meets Enterprise Business Processu00A0                  (coming soon)

This whitepaper from IDC looks at various information needs across the enterprise and reports on the key pain points of having unstructured and structured content existing in siloed applications and some key benefits of connecting the world of data inside the enterprise applications with the content outside the enterprise applications.

SAP Extended ECM Flash Demo u00A0

A project management scenario that shows how you can easily integrate emails and documents directly from Outlook into the SAP project management system and access full status of the project and related communications from multiple interfaces - improving productivity, increasing delivery service levels and reducing costs.

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