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Adaptive Computing Controller - Release-Specific Downloads

Here you can find important downloadable files and useful resource links for the Adaptive Computing Controller, the foundation of SAP's concept for managing and operating a landscape enabled for adaptive computing. Find out more on Adaptive Computing.

SAP Host Agents

Make sure you always have the most current SAP Host Agent version. 

The platform-specific SAP Host Agent packages are available in the SAP Software Download Center (SMP login required).

Support Packages and Patches
       Browse our Download Catalog
          SAP Technology Components -> SAP HOST AGENT

Partner Libraries

Sapacosprep partner libraries 

  • Bull
    sapacosprep libraries for Linux and AIX are available via email request to
  • EMC
    sapacosprep libraries from EMC are available for (Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, Windows) with Solutions enabler 6.3 and above. To contact EMC regarding SAP Adaptive questions please send email to
  • Fujitsu
    sapacosprep library for Solaris is available via email request to
  • HP
    sapacosprep library for HP-UX 11i and library for HP StorageWorks are available via email request to Get in touch with HP SAP Adaptive Computing experts via email request to
  • IBM
    sapacosprep libraries for AIX are available via email request to
  • Network Appliance
    sapacosprep libraries for Linux are available via email request to
  • Redwood
    sapacosprep library for all platforms of the SAP NW 7.0 Platform Availability Matrix. The library is independent of the storage use. The APIs of the storage vendors are used via SAP CPS to provide the functionality. For more information, please send a mail to
  • Oralcle/Sun Microsystems
    sapacosprep libraries for Solaris/SPARC and Solaris/x64 are available via email request to
  • The Adaptive Computing Controller supports multiple application services on one computing node. For details, see OSS Note 919135.
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