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SAP Supply Chain Performance Management

Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management


SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM), one of the SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions, provides end-to-end supply chain visibility to enable both departmental and organizational performance management.

The application helps companies make their supply chain more effective and responsive in the face of complex and fast changing market conditions by focusing on the right process metrics, companies can track performance, diagnose bottlenecks, and uncover opportunities. In addition, it is designed with prepackaged workflows, metrics and analytics to enable rapid time-to-value.

Need for the solution

Effectively managing your company's supply chain is critical to your business as:

  • Supply-chain generally accounts for between 60% and 90% of all company costs
  • A 2% improvement in process efficiency for supply-chain processes has 3000% - 5000% the impact of a 2% improvement in efficiency for IT, HR, Finance and Sales
  • Decreasing spending by 5% raises net income by 45%, increasing sales by 5% raises net income only by 5%.
  • In 2007, US business logistics costs rose to an all time high of $1.4 trillion (10.1% of US nominal Gross Domestic Product)

Details on the solution

For more information on what SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management can do for your business, the following links will provide a good starting point:

  • Overview of the solution: This link provides details about the solution - how it is used, the types of organizations that use it, and the potential benefits that can be gained from it.
  • Recorded Demo of the solution: This link provides a brief, user-friendly demo that's shows how the solution performs in a real-world environment.
  • Brochures & White Papers: This link provides brochures and white papers on the need for Supply Chain Effectiveness and Performance Management.
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