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IBM Db2 for z/OS

SAP on DB2 for z/OS - Monitoring and Administration: News and Improvements

In this section, we provide an overview of major enhancements and new features in the area of monitoring and administration tools for SAP on System z. For a complete overview of all the changes and bug fixes, refer to the SAP Notes on component BC-DB-DB2-CCM.

2014 CCMS Enhancment (19 Aug 2014)

Note 2032070 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DB Alerts and Time Selection

The following problems occur in all screens of section DBA Cockpit-> Alerts:

• The value "96" appears in the list box "Time Frame".

• The selection criterias "Today" and "Yesterday" are missing in the list box "Time Frame".

Note 2007164 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Failover Configuration Tool - Short dump

Short dump 1:

A short dump occurs while performing the following actions:

• Starting Failover Configuration Tool and reading connect.ini

• Selecting tab "Affinity Lists" or tab "Appserves" in the Failover Configuration Tool

• Saving the new configuration in the Failover Configuration Tool

The following short dump is reported:

• Short text: Access using a 'NULL' data reference is not possible.



Short dump 2:

A short dump occurs while performing the following action:

• Pressing button "Reload into CLI"

The following short dump is reported:

• Short text: Type conflict when calling a function module.



Note 2001283 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Overflow/Shortdump within Subsystem Activity - Data Sharing Locking

When trying to display Data Sharing Locking within the Subsystem Activity a short dump occurs.

Note 1999313 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Statement Cache Details - empty 'last used timestamp'

When displaying Statement Cache Details, the 'last used timestamp' field on the 2nd tab (Identification and status) is empty.

Note 1990799 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Update statistics short dump UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION

Updating a single DB2 table statistic terminates abnormally with a short dump UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION.

An SAP ABAP program, e.g. transaction DB20, calls the function module UPDATE_STATS or UPDATE_STATS_DB2 to update the DB2 table statistics. Due to a program defect, an ABAP short dump occurs.

Note 1993249 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Failover Configuration Tool - Error non-ABAP system

DBA Cockpit Failover Configuration Tool reports the following message:

      For this non-ABAP system, please upload appropriate config.xml file.

Additionally the Failover Configuration Tool Tab "Saved Config" is empty.

Failover Configuration Tool determines accidentally the SAP system type (ABAP or Java) based on the schema name. Schemas “SAPR3” and “SAPxxx” are treaded as ABAP systems. All other schemas are treaded as Java systems.

Note 1982819 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Last check date and time empty of DB Consistency Check
DB Consistency Check (Tx. DBA Cockpit -> Diagnostics -> Missing Tables and Indexes) shows an empty date and time for Last Check.
The issue is corrected by the relevant Support Package. For an advanced correction, implement the correction instructions.
After implementing advanced correction or Support Package run report RSDB_DAILY to update the check results immediately. Otherwise the data are updated by default job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR (default start for daily activities at 1:00 AM).
Note 1983714 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Error reading password: Invalid description
In DBA Cockpit -> Jobs -> Job Profile -> Tab General you want to change or initially set the user and/or password which executes stored procedures.
The password of the user to execute stored procedures is stored in SAP Secure Store. The DBA Cockpit action Job Profile checks the existence of the user in the SAP Secure Store. If the user is not stored in the SAP Secure Store, the error message “Invalid description” is raised accidentally

Note 1975716 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: db2dsdriver.cfg and DB Connection List / RSDB2SWITCH

After moving from connect.ini to db2dsriver.cfg the following functions do not work.

• Empty table displayed in DBA Cockpit -> Diagnostics-> DB Connections -> DB Connection List.


• Function module STU3_ADMIN_SWITCH_DB_CON.

• Start, Stop, Load and Check of Alert Router

The above mentioned sympthoms may also apply, if parameter SSID is not present in connect.ini.

Note 1973798 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: db2dsdriver.cfg and SAPCL / DB13
After moving from connect.ini to db2dsriver.cfg the following actions fail:
• Connection check of stored procedure user in DBA Cockpit -> Jobs -> Job Profile.
• LINK-EDIT and BIND of SAPCL in DBA Cockpit -> Configuration -> SAP Collector Settings.
• DB13 Jobs return with a message which indicates that the job has not sufficient privileges.
Note 1971451 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Wrong RC in external DB13 scheduling

A DB13 job, which has been scheduled via DB13 external scheduling report RSDB2J01, terminates with the following messages:

DB13 job finished with rc 0099

Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE

However, that job is displayed in DB13 Planning Calendar with status green (successful).

Access to table SDBAH has been extended with the remote system name.

The following short dump occurs in function module CCDSNU_CALL_DSNACCOX:
in Program  SAPLS_CCDSNU_DB2
Note 1936517 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Conversion Tool and Row/RBA Format

The DBA Cockpit Conversion Tool has been enhanced with the following two conversion types:

• Basic Row Format (BRF) to Reordered Row Format (RRF) - requires DB2 9 and higher

• Basic (6 Byte) to Extended (10 Byte) RBA/LRSN Format - requires DB1 11 and higher

DB13 external scheduling report RSDB2J01 has been enhanced with the following to input values for PDBAOBJ:

• 'CONVR' = DB13 Job "Update conversion recommendations" - BRF to RRF

• 'CONVA' = DB13 Job "Update conversion recommendations" - 6 to 10 Byte RBA

The DBA Cockpit Conversion Tool Recommendation Viewer has been enhanced to show the ALTER statements which are executed at the next run of the Conversion Tool Execution Job. A new button called "Show ALTER statements" is now available above the conversion object table. To show the ALTER statements select a single row in the table and press the button "Show ALTER statements". A new screen appears with a list of ALTER statements. To return to the previous screen press F3 or BACK.

Note 1886396 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Redesign of DBA Log
DBA Log was redesigned and improved with new filter options:
• New time filter with list box 'Time Frame', which offers time granularity units such as "today" or "yesterday". 
• New action filter list box "Job Action" to filter a single action out of all DB13 actions. The search for specific DB2 actions is now easier and user friendly.
Only database platform specific actions are displayed in the list. In case of DB2 for z/OS all DB13 actions and Alerts Router actions are displayed without manual configuration.

Note 1837135 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS:Redesign - DB Alerts
The DB Alert section in the DBA Cockpit has been redesigned and improved in terms of Unification, Ease of Use, Time Filter and Details Display.

2013 CCMS Enhancements (08 Apr 2014)

Note 1932900 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: SQL Editor improvements IV
This note introduces a persistent statement history within the SQL Editor in order to to save statements not only for one session, but persistently. For this purpose a new input field 'Query Name' has been provided.
It enables to
• save statements
• load statements and
• delete statements
As statements are stored locally (in a database table), it is possible to use the saved statements for different remote systems as well.

Note 1918245 - DB2-z/OS:v11:CCMS: DBA Cockpit with DB2 11
The enhancements of DBA Cockpit for DB2 11 are described in the following SAP Notes:

1889575 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DB13 REORG Mapping Table with DB2 11"
1871142 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Backup History and extended RBA with DB2 11"
1869042 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: (Group-) Bufferpool enhancements with DB2 11"
1864511 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Global Times with DB 11"
1863849 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Enable 'Installation Parameters' for DB2 11"
1856935 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Workfile Monitoring for DB2 10 and DB2 11"
1812848 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DSNACCOX improvements for restricted states"
1731268 "DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Explain improvements after DB2 10 GA"

Note 1889575 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DB13 REORG Mapping Table with DB2 11
DB13 REORG job checks, whether the SAP provided REORG mapping table has the required LRSN column definition. If not, the mapping table will be dropped and recreated in the required format. This check will be performed automatically and no DBA action is necessary.

Note 1886582 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: SQL Editor improvements III
This note addresses the following problems in the DBA Cockpit SQL Editor:
• The SQL Editor tries to optimize the blanks in the statement text in order to achieve a compact representation of the statement for internal processing. This may lead to problems with statements sensitive to blanks even outside of character constants.
• The Statement History in the WebDynpro version of the SQL Editor does not work correctly.

Note 1871142 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Backup History and extended RBA with DB2 11
DBA Cockpit Backup Monitor and DBA Cockpit BACKUP SYSTEM Utility History have been enhanced to display the complete 10 Byte LRSN and RBA.
Additionally, DBA Cockpit BACKUP SYSTEM Utility History has been enhanced to call HSM LIST COPYPOOL via DB2 stored procedure ADMIN_COMMAND_MVS, if DBA Cockpit monitors a DB2 11 subsystem. The data of HSM LIST COPYPOOL is merged into the BACKUP SYSTEM Utility History. This enables the DBA to see, whether flash copies are available on disk or on tape.
Finally, the old DBA Cockpit Backup Overview has been replanced with the new DBA Cockpit Backup Monitor in SAP Basis releases 7.00, 701, 710 and 711. Transaction DB12 now starts the new DBA Cockpit Backup Monitor. Details are described in the referenced related SAP note.

Note 1869042 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: (Group-) Bufferpool enhancements with DB2 11
DB2 11 offers the following additional information about Buffer Pools and Group Bufferpools:
• Information related to automatic Buffer Pool sizing and the configured frame size.
• Information about Group Bufferpool Write-around pages.

1863849 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Enable 'Installation Parameters' for DB2 11
Installation Parameter Display and Check in the DBACOCKPIT is enabled with this Note for the new DB2 release DB2 11.

Note 1856935 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Workfile Monitoring for DB2 10 and DB2 11
This note introduces the following additions and changes related to Storage and Workfile Monitoring in the DBA Cockpit:
• A new folder "Storage" is being introduced in the DBA Cockpit Performance section for DB2 10 and above. The Virtual and Real Storage Display is moved from the Performance->Subsystem Activity dropdown list to this new folder.
• In addition, a new Action "Workfiles" has been added to the new Storage folder. It displays information about in memory workfiles and Temp database usage for sort wokfiles (starting with DB2 10) as well as Alert thresholds and DGTTs (DB2 11 only).
• With DB2 11, the Virtual and Real Storage monitor now includes information about IRLM storage and Log Manager frames.

Note 1845600 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: RUNSTATS PROFILE Viewer
DBA Cockpit has been enhanced with a new GUI screen to display all kinds of profiles for DB2 tables. At the moment DB2 offers profiles only for RUNSTATS Utility. However this might change over the time and therefore the new GUI screen is called "DB2 Table Profiles". To display the table profiles for RUNSTATS start DBA Cockpit -> Jobs -> DB2 Table Profiles.

Note 1812848 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DSNACCOX improvements for restricted states
By default, SAP calls DSNACCOX with check level 36. Check level 36 does not recommend objects which are well organized, but have set the restricted state AREO.  Changing check level to 44 would fix this gap of check level 36, but leads to SQL error -803 duplicate row in function module CCDSNU_CALL_DSNACCOX.
To get REORG recommendations for well organized objects with restricted state AREO chnage DSNACCOX check level to 44 via transaction DBACOCKPIT -> Configuration -> DB Alert Settings.
To fix SQL -803 duplicate row when using DSNACCOX check level 44 install the relevant Support Package. For an advance correction, implement the correction instructions.
In addition, the relevant Support Package and the correction instructions contain a change, that enables function module CCDSNU_CALL_DSNACCOX for DB2 11.

Note 1779542 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Preventing automatic start of Alert Router
SAP checks hourly if Alert Router is running. If not, Alert Router will be started.
There are two methods to prevent automatic start of Alert Router.
Method 1:
Table TCOLL controls SAP background actions. One of these background actions is named RSDB_HRLY. RSDB_HRLY performs the Alert Router check and automatic start. Run report RSCOLL40 to maintain table TCOLL. Press button "Table maintenance" and remove "X" from the appropriate week days. After finishing maintenance, undo the TCOLL changes. To start the Alert Router again, start DBA Cockpit, select SAP Collector Settings and press the button "Start" of the Alert Router section.
The local system and all DB2 remote systems are affected by changing TCOLL.
Method 2:
SAPCL Table DB2QALRTLOAD contains the Alert Router executable. During start of the Alert Router, the contents of the table will be downloaded into USS and started. To prevent start of Alert Router delete the entire contents of table DB2QALRTLOAD. To start the Alert Router again, start DBA Cockpit, select SAP Collector Settings and press buttons "Load" and "Start" of the Alert Router section.
Only the local system is affected. SAPCL Trace Files will be written into HFS path of SAPCL trace directory which indicate that table DB2QALRTLOAD does not contain any data. SM21 protocols the following message "SAPCL: IFI error code 0000000100". Both is correct in this situation.

Note 1770334 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: SQL Editor improvements II

This note contains the following improvements:

• increased display length of the history statements

• History retains statement formatting (newlines, indentations#)

Note 1763487 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Monitoring actions of Alert Router
Alert Router has been enhanced with the protocol table DB2QACTIONLOG in SAPCL 720 Patch 10. You can query this table to see, which actions have been performed.
Note 1738180 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Global Times
Based on the new DB2 IFCID 369 the Global Times section in the DBA Cockpit has been redesigned for DB2 10 and above.
In the Global Times action (DBACOCKPIT - 'Performance') a hierarchical snapshot display has been introduced. From there, it is possible to navigate to a new customizable history which provides a flexible analysis option.

Note 1736433 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: SAP Collector Settings
SAP collector settings have been redesigned  in order to provide a unified basis for the SAPCL installer.
• For Releases 7.00, 7.01, 7.10 and 7.11 the Collector Profile parameters influencing the behaviour of the Alert Router after installation have been transferred to the new Action "Collector Profile".
• The "Collector Settings" screen has been slightly redesigned.
• When monitoring remote systems whithin the DBACOCKPIT, you now have the possibility to copy the collector settings of the remote system to the central system. (As you may have configured the seetings in the remote system locally before and want to switch to a central installation).

Note 1710977 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DB13 support for RUNSTATS PROFILE
DB13 planing calendar has been enhanced to support RUNSTATS Profile. A SAP Default Profile will be inserted into SYSIBM.SYSTABLES_PROFILES if tables with profile and without profile reside in a multi-table tablespace.
Additionally, DB13 planing calendar will now use RUNSTATS INDEX <index space> instead of RUNSTATS INDEX <index name> for non-BW tables to support index names with more than 22 charactes length.
Three new Utility skeletons have been introduced to enable the described enhancements and will be installed automatically if not present. This is done independent of the setting "Protect Utility statement skeletons" in DBA Cockpit -> Job Profile, because it does not affect the existing skeletons.

Note 1537658 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: Performance DB2 Accounting
During load-of-program of function group S391 a database access to retrieve the current SQLID is performed. This can have a performance impact in service oriented environments using DB2 accounting.
Note 1508357 - DB2-z/OS:CCMS: DB2 Connect Network Statistics
With DB2 Connect 9.7 FP3a, CLI network statistics have been introduced. In order to monitor and detect general network problems from the DBA Cockpit, a new action has been added: DBACOCKPIT -> 'Performance - DB2 Network Statistics'. The statistics are being accumulated to fixed intervals and are written by the dbsl per work process at the next commit after the collection intervall has ended. You can start and stop the collection of DB2 Network Statistics via DBA-Cockpit (the collection interval is set to 5 minutes).

Note 1664454: Changed Default for DSNACCOX Data Space Ratio
DSNACCOX introduced the parameter “data space ratio” resulting in a REORG recommendation once the ratio between allocated and used space exceeds the given threshold. This resulted in many objects near the default primary allocation being recommended all the time because these cases are not excluded from the calculation. This note changes the default to -1 which disables this feature. Please note that existing customer configurations will not be changed. Existing configurations have to be updated in DBACOCKPIT->Configuration->DB Alert Settings

Note 1604691: Sysplex Monitor http Authentication
Several customers reported problems with internal security procedures when allowing unauthenticated access to the RMF Data Portal for the SAP Sysplex Monitor. This note introduces the possibility to store user name and password in the OS Monitoring settings which will then be used for the logon to RMF DDS.

Note 1585160: Statement Cache Improvements
The list display for the Statement Cache has been modified in order to show the most important counters grouped together at the left of the list. In addition this note adds this set of counters and attributes to the "General" Tab of the Statement Cache Detail Display in order to have the statement text together with the most important information on one screen.

Note 1583791: Remote support for external DB13 scheduling
DB13 external scheduling, the solution allowing to execute DB13 jobs under the control of an external scheduler (for a description see Note 1264471) now supports remote systems configured in the DBA cockpit as well. This is especially useful to maintain Non-ABAP systems like e.g. Java and MDM.

Note 1578050: Schedule DSNACCOR via DB13 instead of RZ20
So far, the recommendations from DSNACCOR / DSNACCOX were calculated at fixed intervals beginning with system startup. This note allows to switch the behavior in DB2J to rely on a separate job “Update reorg, stats, copy recommendations” which can be regularly scheduled in DB13.

Note 1564386: Default for RUNSTATS after BW REORG
The DB2J default for automatically executing RUNSTATS after a REORG on BW objects (which does not use INLINE stats because the RUNSTATS options SAP BW recommends are not supported by INLINE STATS) has been changed from “OFF” to “ON” to make sure BW objects get current statistics.

2012 CCMS Enhancements (02 Apr 2012)

Note 1672263: Fix for Copy Jobs and DSNDB01 for DB2 10

Users relying on DB13 Image copies with DB2 10 should urgently check note 1672263. It adds the DB2 directory Tablespaces DSNDB01.SYSDBDXA, DSNDB01.SYSSPUXA and DSNDB01.SYSSPUXB to the hardcoded list of directory tablespaces to be copied. Correction Instructions for all 7.x releases are available.

Note 1542060: Space Extractor Modifications

In order to limit the size of the Database Performance Warehouse in the Solution Manager, the extraction of Space data has been modified to extract only the TOP 100 objects for the relevant categories and replace all the other objects by one residual object allowing for consistent aggregation. Details can be found in the note.

Note 1535645: Landscape Tools

In order to simplify monitoring and operation activities for the whole landscape configured in the DBA Cockpit, a new section “Landscape Tools” is now available. The first action is a component overview, which lists the DB-platform relevant components for the connected systems. More actions will follow soon.

Note 1529521: Conversion tool

SAP offers a tool which supports the customer in converting existing objects to use INLINE LOB (with DB2 10) and Fixed Character(1) (with SAP Basis 7.31). Details can be found in this article.

Note 1501893: Data Sharing Topology Problems with logical hosts

Apart from fixing the matching problem in the Data Sharing Topology when the customer enables logical hosts, this fix enables the data sharing topology for remote systems as well and includes a Column for SAP J2EE processes.

Note 1516735: JCL Submission Changes

After the redesign of the JCL profile with note 1492955, the JCL Submission GUI has been completely redesigned as well. It provides many usability und functionality improvements, e.g. for editing and submitting jobs, jobhead management and the handling of utility skeletons. Refer to the note for details and information on the availability.

Note 1505345: Statement Cache – new fields / changed order

The statement cache list display has been reordered to group the most important columns together on the leftmost part of the list. These columns have been added to the Statement details panel in order to provide a single screen containing all important details for a particular statement. In addition, a new column “Avg. elapsed time per row” is introduced in the Statement Cache overview. It displays the average elapsed time per row processed and is a quite useful hint for performance problems.

Note 1486360: DB2 10 Readiness Check

In order to check, if a system is ready to go to DB2 10, we have developed an ABAP report which checks the relevant runtime components (SAP Basis Support Package, SAP BW Support package, dbsl, db2radm, SAPCL and Data Dictionary) for readiness to migrate to DB2 10. Be sure to apply the latest version of this note before running the check.

2011 CCMS Enhancements (01 Dec 2011)

Note 1492955: Job Profile redesign:
The DB2J job profile section suffered from various usability and functionality problems in the past. The action has been completely redesigned now. It appears as new action "Job Profile" directly in the navigation tree and offers many improvements, especially concerning TSO password handling and applying utility skeleton updates.

DB2 10 Enablement:
The DBA Cockpit enablement for DB2 10 has been split into several packages of code changes. In the following we provide an overview of all the notes describing the changes related to DB2 10:
• Note 1407648: V10 Enablement I: This note changes the version format to the new 10-digit-representation. All explicit support for DB2 Version 6 is being removed.
• Note 1427073: V10 Enablement II: This note reflects the enlargement of many IFI counters to 8 bytes and introduces the new DBM1 display reflecting the completely redesigned IFI interface. A new panel in the Group Bufferpoool details concerning P-lock activity is introduced as well.
• Note 1437458: V10 Enablement III: This note incorporates the changes related to the new hybrid dbsl.
• Note 1377683: V10 Enablement VI: Explain changes: This note reflects the the changes to the DB10 explain table format and adds lots of additional information to the WebDynpro explain. The classic explain now has an improved display of Pairwise Join and allows to navigate to the new DB02 panels for Tablespace / Indexspace details for 7.02 and 7.30.
• Note 1457658: V10 Enablement V: This note introduces the new Statement Cache filters.
• Note 1439989: DB13 REORG LOB Online + Reorg Part List: This note introduces REORG LOB SHRLEVEL CHANGE with DB2 10
• Note 1407670: Enablement for new DB2 stored procedures: The DB2 ADMIN stored procedures are mandatory for DB2 10. For DB2 9 they can be used instead of the Control Center Stored Procedures for our DB2 administration and monitoring tasks. They are activated by a switch in DB2J (JCL Settings).

1450253: Improved Statement Check for db2c
The improvements of the new Catalog Browser introduced with 7.02 and 7.30 regarding statement check and error reporting have been backported to 7.00, 7.02, 7.10 and 7.11 as well.

DB13 REORG LOB Online and REORG Partition List (17 May 2010)

SAP Note 1439989 describes the changes that enable REORG LOB SHRLEVEL and the change with respect to DB2 V9. It also specifies a partition list to be introduced with IBM APAR PK87762.

Coming with SAP NetWeaver 7.02: New Space Monitor - DB02 (26 April 2010)

Transaction DB02 (Space Monitor) has been redesigned with SAP NetWeaver 7.02. The new GUI is embedded into the DBA Cockpit and provides great improvements in terms of functionality and usability. The Space Monitor is completely remote-enabled and offers easy navigation, several KPI and Top N displays, and traffic lights for objects that reach DB2 limits.

The data collection is now implemented in the Alert Router in order to allow the standalone data collection without a batch process running within an SAP ABAP stack.
Details can be found in SAP Note 1265717.

DB13: Automatic Utility Termination (25 April 2010)

Utilities called by DB13 that terminate with an abend are now terminated by DB13 automatically (exception: RECOVER). Details can be found in SAP Note 1431931.

Enablement for New DB2 Stored Procedures (15 April 2010)

The DB2 ADMIN stored procedures can now be used instead of the DB2 Control Center stored procedures for our DB2 administration and monitoring tasks. They are activated by a switch in DB2J (JCL Settings). Details can be found in SAP Note 1407670.

DB13 REORG: Mapping Table Conflicts (13 April 2010)

In the past it was not possible to run concurrent REORG jobs from DB13 because of mapping table conflicts. Now we allow up to 20 concurrent REORG ONE jobs that can run in parallel to REORG ALL jobs. Details can be found in SAP Note 1403825.

z/OS Host Summary View for OS07 (08 April 2010)

SAP Note 1427210 describes additions to the Sysplex Monitor and the OS07 display. A separate hierarchy node is integrated reflecting the physical hosts with their total utilizations and information about dedicated and free CPs. The information about dedicated CPs is available in the DBA Cockpit Sysplex Monitor as well.

Coming with SAP NetWeaver 7.02: New Backup Monitor (01 April 2010)

The DB12 functionality has been completely redesigned for SAP NetWeaver 7.02. The former batch job had been replaced by an online analysis and the UI provides a consistent overview of all objects in the database as well as a history of all available backups for an object.

In addition, a consolidated view of backup system and image copy recovery options is available. Details can be found in SAP Note 1417621.

Coming with SAP NetWeaver 7.02: New Catalog Browser (18 January 2010)

SAP Note 1377374 describes the introduction of a new catalog browser that offers consistent cockpit integration, improved statement check and error reporting, as well as a history of executed statements.

Coming with SAP NetWeaver 7.02: New Web Dynpro EXPLAIN (18 January 2010)

The new Web Dynpro EXPLAIN function is available in addition to the classic EXPLAIN and provides the following features:

• Graphical Tree View
• Much more detailed information (on sorts, predicates, filter factors, cost information, and so on) from tables with the prefix 'DSN' that are created and maintained by SAP
• The values for HIGH2KEY and LOW2KEY and column distribution statistics are converted into a readable format for most DB2 data types.

New Backup System Monitor

In the "Backup" section of the DBA Cockpit, there is a new entry called "Backup System History". It displays the information about successful system level backups. In addition, the planning calendar job "BACKUP SYSTEM" is now enabled for remote subsystems as well. Details can be found in SAP Note 1362838.

New DB2 Message Log

In the "Diagnostics" section of the DBA Cockpit, there is now an entry called "DB2 Message Log". It displays the DB2 console messages from IFCID 197.

Details can be found in SAP Note 1327401.

Removal of Explicit Quantity Handling in DB13 REORG

DB13 REORG made changes to primary and secondary quantities, based on the number of extents, in order to prevent customers from running out of extents. Since we recommend using the zPARM MGEXTSZ, this is no longer necessary. Refer to SAP Note 1310148 for details and a description on how to let DB2 manage quantities.

RUNSTATS & REORG Dual-Stack and MDM Support

In the job configuration area, it is now possible to enable RUNSTATS and REORGS on the Java schema of a dual-stack system as well as the various schemas of an MDM system. Details can be found in SAP Note 1278135.

New Sysplex Monitor / Improved Support for OS07

The new Sysplex Monitor in the DBA Cockpit provides a quick Sysplex-wide overview of machine configuration and utilization. It uses the RMF III data portal for z/OS and reports the data to the new OS07 as well. Details can be found in SAP Note 1236078.

Changed RUNSTATS Handling for BW Tables

The handling of BW Tables in the DB13 RUNSTATS jobs has been changed in such a way that the tables are now also treated by DSNACCMO, but with BW-specific options. As a result, the behavior as regards authorization, parallelism, and error reporting is now completely identical to non-BW tables. Details can be found in SAP Note 1146378

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