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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

FAQ - Modeling the Enterprise Data Warehouse

What About Segmented DataSources within the New Concept? Are New Capabilities for Hierarchy Uploads Available Based on the New DataSource Concept?

Segmented DataSources (DataSources with several different record structures, such as header or item for documents) are to be handled in the next NetWeaver release. It is already technically possible to define segmented DataSources, but transformations cannot handle them automatically. This is to change with the next release.

Based on these new features, the next release will also provide new capabilities for the requirements of hierarchy uploads. For example, complex files with immanent information of hierarchy structures will be interpretable during upload scenarios.

Does Replication of the Old DataSource From the Source System Automatically Migrate It? Can the Replication of the Old DataSource Force Migration?

No, if you replicate the old DataSource to a NetWeaver 7.0 BI system, we call this DataSource an 'emulated' DataSource. An 'emulated DataSource' is a DataSource that has the same 'look and feel' as the new DataSource, but is actually a BW 3.x DataSource. If you explicitly run the 'migration' function, the old DataSource is migrated.

If a New DataSource Is Created in the Source System, Is It Possible to Use A 3.x DataSource After Replication, or Does the New DataSource Have to be Used?

If the new DataSource is created in the source system, you should replicate this DataSource in 'dialog' mode. During the replication, you can decide whether this DataSource should be replicated as the 3.x DataSource or as the new DataSource. If you do not run the replication in 'dialog' mode, the DataSource is not replicated.

Are There Any Known Issues or Recommendations with LO Cockpit After the BI NetWeaver 7.0 Upgrade?

There are no current known issues regarding LO Cockpit. Only one point needs to be noted here. If you want to use the new functions that are delivered with PI_Basis2005.1, such as real-time data acquisition, remote master data access, and data reconciliation, you must upgrade to PI_Basis2005.1 on the R/3 side.

If I Decide to Emulate the DataSource Instead of Migrate an Existing One to A New DataSource, What Features Are Not Provided?

The following features are only supported for new NetWeaver 7.0 DataSources (and not for emulated ones):

  • Data reconciliation
  • Remote activation of DataSources
  • Real-time Data acquisition
  • Direct access to master Data in source system

Can I Still Use My 3rd Party ETL Tool After an Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.0?

The latest BI release in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 includes a new type of DataSource for which our staging BAPI has not yet been aligned. Third party ETL tool vendors can therefore only implement their load processes using the original type of DataSource from BW 3.x. This DataSource is still provided in the new release without any changes. Upgrading to NetWeaver 7.0 BI (BI 7.0) does not therefore endanger existing implementations based on BW 3.x and NetWeaver 2004 (BW 3.5).

It is also possible to migrate third party ETL implementations based on BW 3.x into the new data-flow concept of a NetWeaver 7.0 BI environment using new DataSources, transformations (also new), and data transfer processes (DTP) (also new). This is possible because the system provides an emulated view for BW 3.x DataSources, which makes it possible to combine them with NetWeaver 7.0 transformations and DTPs for regular batch load processing (this does not include direct access and real-time data acquisition (RDA)). This allows the benefits of the new data loading concept to be made available in such third party ETL-based loading scenarios.

If A Customer Has installed NW 7.0 BI Content Add-On 2, Which DataSources Should be Replicated as 3.X DataSources and Which DataSources Should be Replicated as New DataSources?

The current release of Business Content is NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 2.

Most of the content in this release is still based on BW 3.x technology.

However, the following InfoAreas and related objects are based on the new technology (new DataSources, transformations, and so on):

  • 0PD: Product Definition
  • 0CQM: Cost and Quotation Management
  • 0SEM_PDCE : Product Design Cost Estimation

Therefore, any DataSources other than the InfoArea-related DataSources listed above should be replicated as 3.x DataSources. If you chose the incorrect approach during replication, you can use transaction RSDS to remigrate the DataSources.

If you want to use any of the following new functions, you must migrate the DataSources to new DataSources:

  • RDA
  • Remote Master Data Access
  • Remote DataSource Activation
  • Data Reconciliation

You must also upgrade to PI_Basis2005.1 on the R/3 side. Once you migrate the 3.x DataSources to new DataSources, you cannot create transfer rules. You must then use transformations and DTPs.

How Many Key Figures and Characteristics Can I Include in InfoCubes?

You can model InfoCubes containing up to 233 key figures and 248 characteristics for each dimension.

During Migration to the New DataSource, Do You Have to Reinititialize?

No. You do not need to reinitialize. After the DataSource is migrated, the delta logic/delta queue remains unchanged on the source system side.

Can Content Analyzer Also Check the Naming Convention for Customer Objects?

Yes. You can check using the global settings of Content Analyzer. For details on how to do this, please refer to the online documentation.

Can Content Browser Also be Used for BW 3.X Version?

The new content browser relies on NetWeaver 7.0 technology. There is an older version that is delivered to customers with the BI Content 3.5.3 Add-On. Compared to the older version, the new version has an improved data model and better performance. The new version is also designed for forward compatibility. We strongly recommend you to use the new content browser that is delivered with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 2.

Is the TREX Search Engine Required for Meta Data Searches?

The TREX search engine provides advanced search techniques for meta data. However, a basic search (such as for technical names) is also possible without the TREX search engine. For more information, see the related online documentation.

What Scenarios Need to be Licensed via the Open Hub License?

Simply speaking, the Open Hub license is an alternative to the user-specific license. If you extract data from your SAP NetWeaver BI to a non-SAP system, you have to license this scenario - no matter which tool use for the extraction, e.g. Open Hub Destination, listcube, any BI API, Analysis Process Designer or Excel download. Note that a licensed BI user may download to Excel for her/his own analysis purposes without any further license costs. Distributing Excel workbooks to non-SAP BI users for personal reporting purposes requires Information Broadcasting license, not Open Hub license.

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