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Central Access to Tasks


SAP NetWeaver provides centralized task management through a universal worklist, from which business users can manage, respond to, and delegate daily work items. The worklist can include notifications, alerts, mission-critical workflows, approvals, and ad hoc tasks. Work items can be generated from automated business processes or raised by colleagues.

The universal worklist is delivered via personalized workspaces on an enterprise portal.

The future direction and recommendations from SAP are outlined in this document:

Workflow and Orchestration Solutions from SAP – Overview and Positioning


Companies have the following needs: 

  • Prioritizing employees' tasks - By providing one central worklist, it is easier to impose a prioritization of activities rather than relying on the individual knowledge workers interests. At the same time, process-specific context has to be presented to enable the knowledge worker to work efficiently. 
  • Common task-handling - Eliminate the different handling-aspects of tasks arriving from different sources 
  • Process transparency - Bring transparency to even the most chaotic of processes. Enable different users working in different environments with different UIs to keep up-to-date with the progress of the process and relate their tasks to the overall progress. 
  • Delegate control to expert knowledge-workers - The budget available to IT for engineering automated processes is dwindling but the demand for process innovation is increasing. More responsibility is farmed out to the knowledge workers to decompose core tasks into smaller tasks which can be executed efficiently and collaboratively by the colleagues with the appropriate expertise and experience.

Key Capabilities/IT Processes

Companies can perform the following IT processes with the Human Interaction Management capability of SAP NetWeaver:

  • Receiving and executing tasks: Receive and execute all your SAP tasks and alerts in one universal worklist 
  • Decomposing business tasks into collaboration tasks: Split business tasks into smaller sub-tasks spread among your colleagues 
  • Covering colleagues: Substitutions can be maintained for planned (vacation) and unplanned (illness) absences simply so that they apply to all SAP tasks, irrespective of their source 
  • Tracking business tasks: The tasks can be tracked to see who-did-what-when


Companies gain the following benefits from the Human Interaction Management capability of SAP NetWeaver:

  • Expert knowledge workers have more control over the processes that they spawn. The improved process transparency enables deadlines to be met and ensures redundant efforts are avoided. 
  • Administration is reduced because users can access self-service functions to cover their vacations or designate substitutes for colleagues unexpectedly absent so that time is not lost while tasks wait to be claimed. 
  • Reduced training, improved company control of priorities and less reliance on IT departments to automate detailed aspects of a company’s processes.

More Information

This online SAP documentation goes into detail about the configuration of the Universal Worklist to achieve the central access to tasks.

This online SAP documentation explains in detail how to use the Universal Worklist.

Follow this link for frequently asked questions about functionality, installation and setup of the Universal Worklist. You will also find troubleshooting information and more.

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