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SAP for Automotive Sales&Service

SAP for Automotive solutions support key industry sales and service processes that deliver superior customer value - and drive profitable, long-term customer relationships. Sales and Service Organizations are responsible for marketing, selling and servicing vehicles and for a positive ownership experience after the purchase.

For an introduction of Sales & Service Organizations, their players, their concerns, their key questions and trends, read the Getting Started with Automotive Sales & Service Organizations or download the article "Getting Started with Automotive Sales & Service Organisations". In the section below you can find information on the different solution areas in Automotive Sales & Service including customer success stories, business transformation studies, and published blogs.

With SAP solutions for Automotive, you can automate and streamline:

Vehicle sales management

Vehicle sales management - Manage the entire vehicle life cycle - so you can deliver the right vehicle to the right place at the right time. For vehicle importers and distributors, SAP supports the global shift from make-to-stock to make-to-order strategies.

About The New, New Automotive Dealer Portal 

SAP Automotive Dealer Portal is part of SAP Business Suite 7.0. Read this overview to learn about the functionalities of the new SAP Automotive Dealer Portal.

Enabling Close collaboration with Automotive Dealers for Vehicle Sales Management 

When dealers purchase vehicles, they must have access to the systems of the importers and OEMs. The quality of this access significantly impacts the effectiveness of the cooperation between dealers and importers. This can be achieved by the use of the automotive dealer portal what is operated by the OEM, importer or wholesale organization as a web-frontend of their own SAP ERP solution for their retail network. This blog describes the business benefits of the automotive dealer portal for vehicle sales and gives an overview on the features and functions, as available per the Business Package "Automotive Dealer Portal for Vehicle Management 1.4" (EhP4).

The Architecture of the new Automotive Dealer Portal 

Shiny layouts, easy navigation and some handy features for daily users are aspects of the SAP Automotive Dealer Portal, but what comes with the new technology, the SAP Web Dynpro? Get insights on the concept of the one-system approach, the set-up of user access and basics on the architecture using SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP.

Campaign Management with Channel Partners 

Running campaigns is a core task of any marketing organization. Read this blog to learn about Campaign Management with a Channel Partners business scenario offered in SAP CRM.

Lead Management with Channel Partners 

Once a campaign has been executed, we can expect customers to respond to the campaign via a multitude of channels such as calls to your customer support center and visits to your partners. Each of these customer enquiries are potential leads and SAP CRM's powerful lead management capabilities allow you to create, manage, distribute and track leads within your organization and with your partners.

How to Distribute Leads Automatically to Partners in SAP CRM? 

The video in this blog shows how a channel manager selects leads to be distributed to partners and using predefined rules maintained using Rule Policies. Based on criteria within the lead and channel partner the best suited partner is determined by the rule and assigned. The channel manager can manually distribute the lead to a specific partner as well.

Collaborative lead processing with channel partners via Adobe Interactive Forms 

Discover a simple and powerful way to distribute leads to channel partners with SAP CRM via Adobe Interactive Forms.

Integrating Marketing & Sales efforts 

The video in this blog shows how SAP CRM Marketing can help better coordinate lead qualification and lead distribution to the proper follow-up channels to integrate Marketing and Sales efforts.

Collaborative Campaign Management 

Collaborative Campaign Management improves channel marketing effectiveness and efficiency. This functionality in SAP CRM enables Cross-channel campaign management, Partner-customized campaigns and Partner-customized communications.

Vehicle manufacturer Iveco improved its warranty- and vehicle-management operations                   

Consider how Italian industrial vehicle manufacturer Iveco improved its warranty- and vehicle-management operations using the SAP for Automotive solution portfolio - streamlining vehicle-ordering processes, enhancing revenue-cycle management, and providing online order-management for importers and distributors.

Grupo Q drives down costs and fuels growth                 

Read why El Salvador-based Grupo Q - which sells, services, and finances automotive vehicles in Central America - chose software from the SAP for Automotive solution portfolio to drive down costs and fuel growth. With SAP software, it now has the support it needs to become a world-class organization.

Proton Edar implements a comprehensive solution for vehicle distribution, sales, after-sales, and finance                   

Read how the marketing arm of Malaysia's national car manufacturer implemented a comprehensive solution for vehicle distribution, sales, after-sales, and finance with SAP ERP. The solution integrates with manufacturing systems and enables collaboration with dealers and government entities.

Toyoto Material Handling                 

Find out how Toyota Material Handling got the lift it needed from SAP Customer Relationship Management and SAP NetWeaver components. The company increased the efficiency of its sales force, enabled better decision making, and provided real-time sales and service for its customers.

Volkswagen of South Africa             

Consider how this Volkswagen subsidiary - faced with an increasingly competitive market - transformed customer service, exploited marketing campaigns and sales leads to improve brand value and scale for ongoing growth, and created an IT environment for future growth with the SAP Customer Relationship Management application.

Aftersales support and service

Aftersales support and service - Align all aftersales service - including service sales and marketing, customer service, service delivery, and service parts logistics - to maximize profitability and revenue, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

Quality Insight for the Automotive Industry 

Quality Insight is necessary to protect not only customer but also the Brand. This article discusses the various data building blocks that allow companies to achieve real insight.

Warranty Processing via the new Automotive Dealer Portal 

The new Automotive Dealer Portal made by SAP includes: Vehicle Sales Management, Spare Part Sales and Warranty Management. The new Automotive Dealer Portal typically is hosted by the OEM or importer for the dealer or service provider as a portal web front-end. This blog talks about the third component, Warranty Management within the new Dealer Portal. Warranty process challenges are discussed, how the Dealer Portal helps address these challenges, solution details and benefits are given.

Read an About The New, New Automotive Dealer Portal and learn about the The Architecture of the new Automotive Dealer Portal.

Efficient Spare Parts Processing with collaborative Dealer Portal 

The new Automotive Dealer Portal includes: Vehicle Sales Management, Spare Part Sales and Warranty Management. This Automotive Dealer Portal is typically hosted by the OEM, Distributor or importer for the dealer or service provider as a portal web front-end. This blog talks about the second component, Spare Parts Processing within the new Dealer Portal. A short overview of part processing is provided here.

Archiving in automotive Warranty 

Read this introduction of archiving warranty claims with the standard transaction SARA for Warranty in SAP for Automotive.

Introduction to the Interaction Center Agent Inbox 

The SAP CRM Interaction Center supports multi-channel customer interactions in the domain of sales, marketing and service. In this blog entry, we will drill down into Interaction Center functionality, and take a closer look at the capabilities of the Interaction Center Agent Inbox.

SAP CRM 7.0 Interaction Center Agent Inbox Enhancements 

Read this blog to learn about enhancements of the Interaction Center Agent Inbox in SAP CRM 7.0. The Interaction Center Agent Inbox is an integral part of customer interaction processing for agents.

Basics of Installed Base Management in SAP CRM 

Anything a customer owns is an asset for him and the management of these assets becomes an integral part of it. To be an efficient service organization and to serve the customer better maintaining a record of the customer's assets therefore becomes extremely important. In SAP terminology the customer asset is termed as installed base and the management of these assets is termed as Installed base management.

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus                   

Learn how Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd. used the SAP Customer Relationship Management application to become a more customer-centric company. See how the company used the software to optimize sales leads, gain business insight, improve service, and increase revenues.

For more examples of successful implementation of Aftersales Support and Service, have a look at these documents linked above: Volkswagen of South Africa, Proton Edar, Iveco.

Service parts management

Service parts management - Integrate service parts planning and logistics to reduce service and maintenance costs - and increase reliability, availability, and return on assets - while improving customer service.

Bajaj Auto - Simplifying Spare Parts Planning and Distribution                   

Find out how Baja Auto's planning and distribution process became more streamlined, leading to improved spare parts availability and greater customer satisfaction after implementing SAP® software. Bajaj Auto Ltd., the flagship company of India's Bajaj Group, is the world's fourth largest manufacturer of two- and three-wheeler vehicles. Its manual process for planning and distributing spare parts was inefficient and could not handle growing complexities.

Ford Motor Company                   

Read why, when Ford Motor Company decided to overhaul its service parts management systems, the auto giant chose to team with SAP to develop a world-class service parts planning solution. Now Ford has enhanced the quality of its customer service with improved planning capabilities and greater supply chain visibility.

Dealer business management

Dealer business management - Streamline and automate dealer operations, including customer management, vehicle sales and administration, and vehicle service and parts management, making it easier for customers to buy vehicles and acquire needed services, parts, or accessories.

Analyze and Improve Dealership Profit Margins with SAP DBM and BusinessObjects                 

Learn how SAP solutions that dealers use to run their day-to-day operations will help in gathering and analyzing data to provide actionable intelligence. SAP DBM and BusinessObjects together, deliver powerful yet very user-friendly and easy-to-use tools to capture and analyze the various aspects of dealership operations.

Web Based User Interface for Service Advisors: Making Service Advisors' Life Easier 

A lot of feedback we have received from customers for previous versions of DBM addresses the simplicity of the transactions and the usability of the screens for workshop personal. With DBM 7.0 we have conducted extensive research and worked with some of our strategic customers to see how their employees are using DBM and what can be improved.

Better Service Processes in Tough Times (Enhancements/News within DBM 7.0 for Vehicle Service)               

In the difficult economic times, customers usually delay buying new vehicles and tend holding on to their vehicles for a little longer. While the margins of new vehicle sales are under enormous pressure, dealers see the need to compensate this by streamlining their growing service business. Therefore improving workshop operations is at the center of the focus for many dealerships and DBM 7.0 brings a lot more to the table than previous versions.

Parts Process in SAP Dealer Business Management 7.0 

Parts department is one of the key revenue generating areas in any dealer operation. Read Moncumbu Raju's blog to take a look at some of the feature & functions.

Customer Management within SAP Dealer Business Management Application, Release 7.0 

Customer Management is a strategic approach for planning, steering and processing customer interactions. The overall goals of effective and efficient customer management are to win new customers, to retain those the company already has, to reestablish relationship with former customers, and to reduce the costs of customer service. This blog talks about the the most important enhancements and benefits of SAP Dealer Business Management Application Release 7.0 (SAP DBM 7.0).

What’s new with SAP DBM 7.0 

Read this blog and find out how SAP Dealer Business Management can enable automotive dealer organizations to integrate processes, know their customers throughout their life-time at any time and manage the enterprise operationally, tactically, and strategically.

Combining Automotive Wholesale and Retail with SAP for Automotive 

Merging businesses and their unique processes is a challenge of its own, and coping with potentially disparate IT infrastructures to achieve a reasonable TCO is another strife. The SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM) and the SAP Vehicle Management System (VMS), both based on SAP ERP, provide comprehensive functionality for key scenarios of retail and wholesale businesses.

Technical Enhancements within Dealer Business Management (DBM) – the Flowerpot and Actions 

Discover how you can use actions to enhance the order engine (OE) component of the DBM 6.0 industry solution.

DBM Value Increase for Asset 

Read this example to learn how adapt your system to make an increase of value of an asset possible.

ERPs and Dealerships: Coming Soon? 

Fragmented systems at dealerships have not kept up with development, and cannot efficiently support today's fast-moving, competitive and multi-faceted business. The key is to take a more integrated approach to IT, and use an ERP to provide better visibility and control in vehicles sales, service, customer care, and parts supply across the dealership.

The Dealer Sales Process: Enabling the Front Line (Part 1) 

When a customer comes into a dealer's showroom, that's a valuable chance to sell a vehicle. But the benefits of taking advantage of that opportunity run deeper, because that sale is also an entry point for selling other services and products, including financing, insurance, service contracts, extended warranties and accessories-not to mention ongoing service. It is, ideally, the beginning of a lasting relationship, and dealers need to arm their salespeople to succeed in those opening interactions, and build solid relationships with customers.

The Dealer Sales Process: Enabling the Front Line (Part 2) 

Tom Wright, Industry Principal at SAP America, Martin Schwarz, Senior Scientist at Automotive Insight, and Ute Gramann, SAP AG, BPX Automotive, explored the need to support frontline sales efforts at the dealer. In the second blog of the series, they continue that discussion, looking at the kind of CRM tools and processes needed by salespeople, and how dealers can make the best use of those tools.

AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG           

Read how this leading Swiss automotive dealer chose SAP Dealer Business Management to provide for better sharing of customer data between its many dealerships. As a result, the company has improved the management of its customer master data and, most importantly, customer service.

For another example of how SAP Dealer Business Management can help you, read how Grupo Q was able to reduce costs by implementing SAP for Automotive.

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