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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Office

Support Package Overview

You are looking for information on Support Packages and Releases of SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office.

Schedules for Releases and Support Packages

The SAP BusinessObjects Maintenance Schedule (SMP login required) or the note 1518359 contains information about schedules for Releases and Support Packages.

Downloading a support package

The Support Package of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office is available on the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP login required):

Support Packages and Patches --> Browse our Download Catalog --> A-Z Alphabetical List of Products – A - SBOP ANALYSIS MS OFFICE

Note 330793 explains how to download patches from SAP Service Marketplace.

You will found addional information about the content of the support package on this page, click the link Info.

For regular Updates please subscribe to the Notes above as follows:

You need to display the note on the service marketplace page. Use the direct links above or use SAP Notes Search and enter the note number directly. To subscribe to this special note activate the "subscribe" button (left hand above the title line of the note page). Also make sure that your E-Mail notification is activated (for activation see note 487366).

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