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Enterprise Data Warehouse - Modeling

Enterprise Data Warehouse comprises the enterprise data management capabilities: Firstly, it supports building up a consolidation and integration layer by providing a rich toolset for data flow modeling and data transformation. Secondly, it provides capabilities for real-time data access, both by providing real-time staging mechanisms and direct access support (through the EII framework).

Getting Started

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enterprise Data Warehousing  
With a centralised Enterprise Data Warehouse, people will find the right information, related information is connected and collaboration and information exchange between people works.

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - ETL and EII 
ETL and EII describe two common ways for accessing data from any source systems. ETL is typically used to consolidate and integrate it in a data warehouse; the source data is physically copied and transformed. EII (often also denoted as federated query) is the real-time approach that access data directly - without a redundant physical data store. This presentation describes both concepts that are based on SAP NetWeaver Business  Warehouse technology.

SAP NetWeaver BI Administration Cockpit 
This BI Administration Cockpit Overview presentation explains how the task of monitoring the complex Enterprise Data Warehouse is simplified with the use of the portal-based BI Administration Cockpit.

Demo BI Administration Cockpit 
This demo shows the new BI Administration Cockpit of SAP NetWeaver BI delivered with SAP NetWeaver BI7.0. It highlights how the new Portal based admin cockpit supports easy administration of complex Enterprise Data Warehouses with One Central Access to the most important BI monitoring information. The demo exhibits the convenience of tracking the status of BI objects and operations through the easy to use graphical display of statistics. Also, it focuses on showing how one can navigate directly to the detailed information about the BI objects and operations for optimizing the performance of BI activities.

BI Administration Cockpit & Technical Content  
This presentation outlines the easy administration for complex Enterprise Data Warehouses using the BI Administration Cockpit

Data Modeling and Frontend Design

Data Modeling and Frontend Design 
The items on this topic page represent best practices used by SAP's internal Business Content development teams to model data and to develop reporting interfaces.

SAP MaxDB - The Sap Database System

SAP MaxDB - The SAP Database System 
SAP MaxDB is the database management system developed and supported by SAP AG. It has its focus on the requirements of SAP customers and SAP applications and can be used as a less expensive alternative to databases from other vendors for your own or third-party applications as well. It is a competitive database management system for medium to large server configurations and also a convincing offering for a desktop or laptop database management system, as SAP MaxDB is very easy to install.

More Information

Enterprise Data Warehousing Documentation 
The online help for Enterprise Data Warehousing provides information for both developers and system administrators.

Data Warehousing Forum 
The Data Warehousing forum provides answers to many frequently asked questions and access to experts on this topic.

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