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SAP on HP-UX Best Practices - Part 1

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Last update: 14th April 2011

General Information

Useful SAP information sources

Useful HP-UX Information sources on

HP/SAP Alliance

Product availability

Which SAP software is supported on HP-UX?

For a consolidated overview of major SAP products and Database versions available on HP-UX 11.31, please see SAP Note 1031960

SAP Support of "ARIES" (PA-RISC emulation) on HP-UX Itanium/IA64

In general SAP does not support the use of PA-RISC executables on the Itanium/IA64 platform. One exception to this is ADS (Adobe Document Services), please see SAP note 1133230 for more details. 

If in doubt use the unix command "file" to check if the executable (e.g. disp+work) is for "PA-RISC" or "IA64" (Itanium).

HP-UX Operating System and Server support

SAP certification and support of applications for HP-UX is based on HP-UX version and not connected to any specific server model. See SAP Note 84855.

The following information refers only to the support of the Operating System and Server from HP, and not the support of SAP applications. 

SAP support for HP Servers based on Intel Itanium "Tukwila" processors

SAP certifies UNIX Systems (e.g. HP-UX) based on operating system version and not hardware, see SAP Note 84855

Since HP Tukwila based Servers also run HP-UX 11.31 (also known as HP-UX 11iv3) then all SAP products supporting HP-UX 11.31 are also supported on HP Tukwila based servers. 

Further Information: 


General SAP Migration Information

SAP Migration Solutions and Services from HP

PA-RISC to Itanium

Other Platform to HP-UX

Migration from other Platforms to HP-UX requires a heterogeneous systems copy. Since a full DB export and import is typically too slow for a migration, HP Services offers a number of accelerated migration methodologies, see the "SAP Migration Solutions and Services from HP" section above.



Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP)

High-Availability combined with dynamic resource management

  • By combining Serviceguard solutions with dynamic resource management it is possible to make cluster solutions more cost effective by allowing Hardware usage entitlements to follow applications, thus ensuring that critical applications always have sufficient resources and reducing the costs of otherwise "idle" hardware.

More efficient high availability and resource utilization through manageability—Integrating HP-UX Clustering Solutions, HP Instant Capacity, and HP-UX Workload Manager

High-Availability and HPVM


HP offers a wide range of storage systems and solutions to support SAP environments. 

For general information of HP storage and solutions offerings see

HP Storage White Papers for SAP

SAP System Copy using HP Storage technologies


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