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SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

SAP MDM Procurement Catalog Management

Manage Supplier Catalogs Seamlessly in the Procurement Process

Procurement Catalog Management based on SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management allows employees to create, cleanse and manage their own centralized supplier catalog facilitating a smooth flow in the procurement process. 

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management technology ensures data integrity and enables the content management processes in SRM-MDM Catalog. It lets you manage data and communication in an integrated environment for streamlined catalog content management.

Getting Started with SRM-MDM Catalog

SRM MDM Catalog - Solution Overview 

The SRM-MDM Catalog overview shows you how SAP NetWeaver MDM technology is used for enabling centralized e-procurement.

SRM-MDM Catalog - Overview Demo   (Time 04:30)

This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the SRM-MDM Catalog solution.

More on SRM-MDM Catalog

SAP Documentation   (SAP Help Portal)  

SAP Help Portal documentation describing the features and functionalities of SRM-MDM Catalog 3.0.

Wiki on SRM-MDM Catalog    

Wiki space providing general information on SAP SRM-MDM Catalog and specific download information for SRM-MDM Catalog release 3.0.

Technical Guides on SAP SRM 7.0   (SMP Login Required)  

SAP Service Marketplace page that provides the technical guides for SAP SRM 7.0. You'll also find the Component Installation Guide for SRM-MDM Catalog 3.0 that describes the planning and preparation required for installation, the installation itself and also the post-installation steps.

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