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IBM AIX Best Practices

In this section we will provide over time a set of papers and documentation helping to run SAP products on AIX. The focus will be on the one side recommendations specific to the AIX and on the other side the description of procedures involving multiple components like the whitepaper for single sign on.

Key Resources

SAP on Power Systems Best Practices Guide

A new IBM SAP Technical Brief from IBM is available. This document provides a collection of recommendations and best practices for implementing and running SAP landscapes on IBM Power Systems. The focus of this paper is on the PowerVM related system configuration aspects.

Include VIOS Partitions into SAP Performance Monitoring

SAP maintains its own internal monitoring facility for customers and the SAP support organization. In order to address system wide monitoring from within SAP systems IBM react on this customer requirement and provides now an installp package to be installed on a VIOS Server. The installation enables SAP customers to report VIOS performance metrics into selected SAP systems. This closes the gap in landscape monitoring for SAP environments.

Single Sign On for SAP NetWeaver Application Server (ABAP) on Power Systems

The system landscape of companies grows rapidly. At the same time, the number of users increases as in heterogeneous system landscapes one employee often uses several user IDs for different systems. This leads to high maintenance and support effort as well as higher total cost of ownership and security risks. A possible solution to this situation could be Single Sign On (SSO). The name already tells all about SSO: the user has to sign on only once. This means he must remember only one user name and one password. This paper describes the setup of SSO for SAP® NetWeaverTM Application Server based on the KerberosTM protocol. It makes use of the common combination of Windows® workstations grouped in a Microsoft® Active DirectoryTM domain and SAP on Linux® and AIX® running on IBM® PowerTM Systems.

Using AIX Security Expert to harden your AIX running SAP applications

Companies running SAP® applications always dealing with OS hardening as requested by SAP. The intention of this document is to give a brief overview of the existing SAP security guidelines and an introduction to an AIX security tool called AIX Security Expert in the version of AIX6.1 TL1. Thereafter, a summary is provided how to use AIX Security Expert, its benefits and what has to be taken into account for AIX systems running SAP applications. This Version of the document is using AIX Security Expert in the highest level to test the maximum impact of this tool on SAP systems. Applying the described changed to AIX security expert will allow the installation and the operation of the described test scenario. To apply this to productive environments will require to reflect further aspects which can be easily added by using the WebSM of AIX Security Expert.

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