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SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe - Configuration Guides

These are the key documents for planning the installation and configuration of the Adobe Document Services. The configuration guide is a printable version of the SAP Library documenation.

ADS Landscape Recommendations  

This document gives you tips as to how to set up your landscape when installing Adobe Document Services.

Configuration Guide for SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe  

The Adobe Document Services are part of the standard installation of NetWeaver 7.0. However, they usually require some configuration to enable them to be used. This guide describes how to configure for both interactive and print scenarios.

An Interactive PDF to guide your configuration of the ADS   

Configurating the Adobe Document Services (ADS) ? Where do you start? To answer this question, George Quaye , Senior Developer with SAP, has developed an unique interactive forms guide, to guide those working with SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 7.0. This blog offers you a step by step guide through the ADS installation process for your specific landscape.

Configuration Guide for Print Scenarios  

If you are only interested in backend printing, this reduced form of the configuration guide is easier to use.

Sizing Guide for Adobe Document Services on Service Marketplace 

This is a guide to determining server size requirements for the Adobe Document Services. Guidance is based on generic server requirements such as size of documents and data. Both print and interactive scenarios are considered. SMP login required.

Customizing Printing Workflows  

XML Forms Architecture (XFA) Device Configuration (XDC) files contain sequenced variables and printer device language (PDL) strings. Job profiles contain job-specific configuration settings that modify the way a job is processed by the ADS. You can copy and modify the delivered files to control things such as tray selection.

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