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SAP Business ByDesign

Financial Management

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP financial solution within Business ByDesign can align processes and metrics to get real-time business insight, lower operating costs, and optimize working capital. The SAP Business ByDesign financial management and accounting solution provides enhanced transparency and facilities compliance along with early visibility into profitability and tools to support compliance.

Using Financial Analytics to Manage Financial Performance   Source: SAP (Video 4:33 min)

The Business ByDesign financial analytics video highlights the capabilities that enable financial and line managers to review financial performance, drill down into details and pinpoint the source of performance deviations. Scenario also highlights ByDesign's tight integration with Microsoft Excel and use as the primary report editing tool.

Accounts Payable Processing: Streamlining Payables Through Workflow and Automation   Source: SAP (Video 4:52 min)

See a demonstration of the accounts payable functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and how it helps streamline invoice processing, checks cash availability, obtains payment approvals, and executes automated payment runs to pay multiple invoices.

Cash & Liquidity Mgmt: Gaining Visibility and Control to Optimize Cash Flows   Source: SAP (Video 4:58 min)

This video demonstrates the cash and liquidity management functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and how it helps companies to gain visibility and control over cash flows and to create accurate and up-to-date forecasts.

Improving the Efficiency of Financial Closings   Source: SAP (Video 3:07 min)

See a demonstration of SAP Business ByDesign's financial management functionality and how it helps companies accelerate their financial close cycle through collaboration, workflow, and greater automation.

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