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SAP University Alliances - e4s - Production

Overview:  Production is a key process for maximizing productivity in manufacturing. The key objective is to meet (or exheed) customer demands and management expectations.

The SAP-system can enable a model which helps: support production tasks when releasing a production order; ensure scalabilty as the business grows; reduce costs by improving visibility; and help avoid missed promise dates and product misallocations.

Three key process elements includes:

View the Production Scenario Overview / Structure.

Introduction of Production Scenario

This part of the scenario is only a demonstration. It will show you the base knowledge of a production process. Many texts are extracts of the original version.

Production of Tables


Production Scenario Background


Read the following demonstration to have a basic knowledge of a production process. This will provide background as you walk through the scenario.

Your role is to be an intern learning about the production in a company. A staff member from production will provide the following explanation:

Our company produces a table. Four colleagues work on it daily. Threse are in charge of the store/stocks, fill up the supplies at the machines and transport the manufactured goods to the store/stocks. One man works at the machine and produces the table. Another colleague works in stocks. The production process of that table is as follows:

  • A member of staff gets the material from stocks and supplies all the work places. 
  • Another employee clamps the wooden plate for the table. Then the tubular steel stand is put on it. 
  • Then the worker takes a total of 4 screws and with a (boring)machine he screws together the wooden plate and the tubular steel stand. 
  • The he pushes the table aside, takes it from the belt / the production line and staples it on a transport cart. You can always staple 6 tables on such a cart. 
  • Then the worker will start the same procedure again. He'll do that all day long. 
  • Another employee will transport all the produced tables to the stocks.

75 tables are produced in a day. To produce 1 table we need 6 minutes.

The screwing of the steel stand takes about 1 minute. But before you can do that the wooden plate and the tubular steel stand have to be brought in a position to allow screwing them together. That takes about 3 minutes. To take the produced table from the production line onto the cart takes another 2 minutes.

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