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HCM (Human Capital Management)

SAP Organizational Change Management Toolkit

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Change is a constant. Let it run uncontrolled and it is destructive and costly. Harness it and it is the fuel of success. How change affects your company is determined by the way you manage it. 

The SAP Organizational Change Management (OCM) Toolkit explores the key concepts and processes needed to facilitate and optimize organizational change within your enterprise.  The Toolkit combines practical change management theory with a wide selection of proven tools and accelerators that you can adapt to your own needs.  It is specifically designed to help companies plan and execute successful change strategies that can smooth the introduction or upgrade of SAP solutions.  The explanations are organized around the highly regarded SAP Accelerated Implementation Program (SAP AIP) methodology, making them easy to apply to SAP software implementation projects of any size.

To access the Demo Version of the SAP OCM Toolkit click on SAP OCM Toolkit Demo.

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