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Enterprise Content Management Integration

SAP NetWeaver

Although SAP already offers multiple ECM capabilities several business applications require additional ECM services which are not covered by SAP's portfolio. In addition, content-rich business processes need access to all available information sources - be it repositories provided by SAP or other ECM vendors. The ECM integration layer of SAP NetWeaver is addressing these challenges.


The ECM integration layer is a central component of SAP NetWeaver. This abstraction and service layer facilitates the seamless integration of ECM services provided by SAP as well as ECM services provided by partners and 3rd party vendors. Thus, SAP applications and composites can easily embed state-of-the-art ECM capabilities to power content-rich business applications.

ECM Integration Layer

To provide ECM services and connect to different repositories the ECM integration layer offers a well structured service provider interface (SPI). To consume these ECM services and access all connected repositories the ECM integration layer offers a harmonized application programming interface (API). The runtime of the ECM integration layer translates the object-oriented API calls to the function-based SPI calls.


To ensure the interoperability with 3rd party systems the ECM integration layer of SAP NetWeaver intends to support the upcoming open standard called Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS).

The ultimate goal of CMIS is to dramatically reduce the IT burden around multi-vendor, multi-repository content management environments. Currently, customers must spend valuable time and money to create and maintain custom integration code and one-off integrations to get different ECM systems within their organizations to "talk" to one another. Technically CMIS defines a domain model for interacting with an ECM repository via a service-oriented Web interface (supported bindings: SOAP and REST).

The three software companies EMC, IBM and Microsoft were joined in the creation of the CMIS draft specification by other leading software providers including Alfresco Software, Open Text, Oracle and SAP. SAP joined the initiative early and actively contributes as an official TC member to the upcoming Standard. The resulting specification has been submitted to OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

More information and the CMIS specification can be found on the OASIS website.

CMIS Makes It as Official OASIS Standard                    

Are you interested in the interoperability of ECM systems and business applications? In his latest blog SAP architect Stephan Klevenz talks about the recently announced Content Management Interoperability Services by OASIS.


API Documentation of the ECM Integration Layer  Source: SAP

This ZIP-file contains the documentation for the Java API (Javadoc) of the ECM integration layer which is a central component of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2.

How-to Guide: Get started developing with the Java API of the ECM integration layer                 

The ECM integration layer of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 enables you to consume content and services by different service providers via a harmonized API. This guide gives you step-by-step instruction how to set up the development environment and how to leverage the public API of the ECM integration layer.

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