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FAQ - Running the Enterprise Data Warehousing - Real-time Data Acquisition

How can I identify what DataSources are real-time enabled?

You can check table ROOSOURCE and check the field REALTIME.

Why is real-time data acquisition only supported in DataStore objects and not in InfoCubes?

Since data is immediately available for reporting, and we have an open request, we have specific update processing for the data target (with a special DTP). Currently, this has only been implemented for DataStore objects because we consider the DataStore object as the right InfoObject for the Operational Data Store layer.

Can generic DataSources be defined as real-time enabled DataSources?


Can any standard DataSource be converted into a real-time DataSource?

Yes. A standard DataSource can be converted if the extractor can provide real-time data, such as delta information, at every point in time. Some extractors do not support real-time data acquisition (such as FI-GL extractors), but there is usually not a need for very low latency in these areas.

Procedure is as follows (make sure that at least SPS8 is applied):

  1. Set field ROOSOURCE-REALTIME for respective DataSource (for each customer ABAP report)
  2. Replicate DataSource
  3. Create DeltaInit InfoPackage and execute
  4. Create Transformation and DTP to a DataStore object (if applicable)
  5. Create a daemon in Real-Time Monitor (Transaction RSRDA)
  6. Locate your DataSource in the 'Not Assigned' part of the tree structure
  7. Assign InfoPackage and DTP to daemon (using context menu on the DataSource)
  8. Start the daemon
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