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SAP Human Resources, SAP Learning Solution LSO 200 - Content Integration Certification (LS-CNT)

The LS-CNT integration scenario will no longer be available for certification. Existing certifications will remain valid until they expire after 3 years. Please contact SAP ICC for more information.

"Certification for this integration scenario with the most recent version of SAP solutions is available only upon request, if SAP resources are available. Please contact SAP PartnerEdge for more information."

The Integration Certification for SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) conformant content is based on a review and demonstration process for each type of course offered by a vendor. To ensure a consistent certification review process, each vendor applying for certification must follow standard test scripts for content integration developed by SAP, demonstrate the ability to import and run content in the live SAP Learning Solution authoring and learning management environments, pass assessment standards for SCORM 1.2 compliance, and create training and consulting support tools and processes.

Note: For a list of already certified integrations for this integration scenario please visit the SAP Application Development partner directory and use the search functions in the tab "solution".

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SAP Application Development partner directory: The certified solution is listed in our SAP Application Development partner directory.

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